Tea World Menu Qatar Price 2023

Tea World is a cafeteria that serves tempting Chinese food and flavourful street food, sandwiches, Burgers, Platters, Wraps, Diet food, Desserts, Fresh Juices, & many more delicious food items. There are 5 plus branches of Tea World in Qatar. In Today’s post, we have updated the Tea World Menu Qatar & all the locations. Menu Prices & pictures are taken from the Talabat official website & Tea World Menu.

At the end of this post, you can find all the Tea World branch’s locations with addresses and timing. Don’t forget to order delicious food from the Tea World Menu.

Tea World Menu Qatar

We are categorizing the Tea World Menu as their Most-selling food, Chinese menu, Burgers, Sandwiches, Platter, Wraps, Diet Food, Fruits, Desserts, and juices.

Tea World Qatar Most Selling Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Beef NoodlesQAR 17
Mango JuiceSmall – QAR 7
Medium – QAR 12
Large – QAR 14

Tea World Qatar Chinese Special Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken NoodlesQAR 14
Beef NoodlesQAR 17
Mixed NoodlesQAR 17
Sea Food NoodlesQAR 17
Chicken Schezwan NoodlesQAR 17
Singapore NoodlesQAR 16
Egg NoodlesQAR 12
Veg NoodlesQAR 12
Paneer NoodlesQAR 16
Paneer Schezwan NoodlesQAR 18
Seafood NoodlesQAR 20
Singapore Chilli ChikenQAR 18
Chicken 65QAR 15
Beef ChilliQAR 20
Mushroom ChilliQAR 16
Pepper ChickenQAR 15
Chicken Lollipop Schezwan GravyQAR 18
Chicken LollipopQAR 15
Sweet & Sour Chicken QAR 16
Garlic ChickenQAR 15
Chicken 75QAR 15
Chicken ManchurianQAR 15
Paneer Fried RiceQAR 16
Paneer Schezwan Fried RiceQAR 18
Egg Fried RiceQAR 11
Beef Fried RiceQAR 16
Seafood Fried RiceQAR 20
Veg Shezwan Fried RiceQAR 14
Egg Shezwan Fried RiceQAR 14
Beef Shezwan Fried RiceQAR 18
Veg Triple RiceQAR 22
Chicken Shezwan Triple Fried RiceQAR 25
Chicken Shezwan Fried RiceQAR 16
Singapore Fried RiceQAR 16
Chicken Shanghai RiceQAR 16
Chicken Hongkong RiceQAR 16
Mixed Fried RiceQAR 17
Prawns Fried RiceQAR 17
Veg Fried RiceQAR 11
Fish 65QAR 20
Fish ChilliQAR 20
Fish ManchurianQAR 20
Fried Rice
Fried Rice

Tea World Qatar Burger Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Spicy Spanish Zinger BurgeQAR 17
Spicy Italian Zinger BurgerQAR 17
Mega Zinger BurgerQAR 17
Italian BurgerQAR 12
Zinger BurgerQAR 12
Chicken BurgerQAR 7
Beef BurgerQAR 7
Double Chicken BurgerQAR 12
Nuggets BurgerQAR 10
Fish Fillet BurgerQAR 10
TandooriQAR 10
Royal BurgerQAR 10

Tea World Qatar Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tuna Paratha SandwichQAR 10
65 Paratha SandwichQAR 10
Egg Paratha SandwichQAR 4
Beef Nashif Paratha SandwichQAR 6
Boiled Egg SandwichQAR 3
Kofta SandwichQAR 5

Tea World Qatar Diet Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Diet Chicken Club SandwichQAR 12
Diet Egg Club SandwichQAR 10
Diet Tuna Club SandwichQAR 15

Tea World Qatar Platter & Wraps Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Club Kofta PlatterQAR 15
Pistachio Club PlatterQAR 15
Hot Dog Club PlatterQAR 12
Falafel Club PlatterQAR 12
Chicken Club PlatterQAR 12
Zinger Club PlatterQAR 15
Beef Club PlatterQAR 13
Prawns Club PlatterQAR 15
Arabic TandooriQAR 12
Potato NetQAR 12
Onion RingsQAR 12
Mix PotatoQAR 15
Hot Dog WrapQAR 10
Tikka WrapQAR 12
Egg WrapQAR 8
Vegetables WrapQAR 8
Metro Mix WrapQAR 13

Tea World Fruits Cuts and Bricks Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Watermelon Bricks CutsPrice on Selection
Mango Bricks CutsPrice on Selection
Mix BricksQAR 18

Tea World Desserts Menu Qatar

Menu ItemQAR Price
Corn FlakesPrice on Selection
Chocolate Corn FlakesPrice on Selection

Tea World Fresh Milk Menu Qatar

Menu ItemQAR Price
Fresh Milk SaffronPrice on Selection
Fresh Milk GingerPrice on Selection
Fresh Milk BoostPrice on Selection
Fresh Milk NescafePrice on Selection
Fresh Milk TurmericPrice on Selection

Tea World Qatar Beverages Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Karak NescafePrice on Selection
HorlicksPrice on Selection
CappuccinoPrice on Selection
Cappuccino CaramelPrice on Selection
Hot ChocolatePrice on Selection
Hot SahlebPrice on Selection

Tea World Qatar Special Juices Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Thabakath JuiceQAR 12
Abbadi JuicePrice on Selection
Abood JuicePrice on Selection
Cocktail JuicePrice on Selection
Mango With Banana And Shokaf JuiceQAR 12
Awar Qalb JuicePrice on Selection
Galaxy JuiceQAR 12
Tea World Special JuicePrice on Selection
Cornputer JuiceQAR 12

Tea World Qatar Fresh Juices Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Avocado Pomegranate JuicePrice on Selection
Dates With Chickoo JuicePrice on Selection
Papaya Mint JuicePrice on Selection
Avil Milk JuicePrice on Selection
King JuicePrice on Selection
Fanan JuicePrice on Selection
Dream JuicePrice on Selection
Avocado JuicePrice on Selection
Carrot JuicePrice on Selection
Fresh Orange JuicePrice on Selection
Sweet Melon JuicePrice on Selection
Pineapple JuicePrice on Selection
Papaya JuicePrice on Selection
Pomegranate JuicePrice on Selection
Mango JuicePrice on Selection
Kiwi JuicePrice on Selection
Strawberry JuicePrice on Selection
Watermelon JuicePrice on Selection
Apple JuicePrice on Selection
Grape JuicePrice on Selection
Lemon Mint JuicePrice on Selection

Tea World Energy With Red Bull Drinks Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Apple With Red BullQAR 20
Pomegranate With Red BullQAR 20
Strawberry With Red BullQAR 20
Pineapple With Red BullQAR 20

Tea World Qatar Milkshakes Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Sharjah MilkshakePrice on Selection
Vanilla MilkshakePrice on Selection
Chocolate MilkshakePrice on Selection
Mango MilkshakePrice on Selection
Strawberry MilkshakePrice on Selection
Badam MilkshakePrice on Selection

Tea World Qatar Falooda Cocktail Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Falooda CocktailPrice on Selection
Mango Falooda CocktailPrice on Selection
King Falooda CocktailPrice on Selection
Royal Falooda CocktailPrice on Selection

Tea World Locations & Operating Hours

AddressOperating Hours
6HV9+5P3, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
7GHX+62C, Saeed Bin Al Aas St, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
United Cars, Al Mana, Dareem St, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
7FJX+G52, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
6C3W+WWG, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
ID Design Stores, Offices & Accommodation,
East Industrial Street, Area،, Qatar
Monday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
6CPM+25C, Muaither S St, الدوحة،, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
Street 170, Doha, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours
Al Mirqab Building, Street 203 Lusail, Lusail,, QatarMonday To Saturday
Open 24 hours

Tea World Qatar Menu offers you quality at affordable prices. You can try their signature teas and explore the menu for Chinese and burger options. It is basically a cafeteria that serves sandwiches, Burgers, Platters, Wraps, and diet food.

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