Panini digital collection promo codes 2022 – Use them now!

FIFA panini digital sticker album promo codes 2023 for free packs can be found here:

The Panini Sticker Album digital album is a virtual web and mobile application album, designed to enhance your experience of 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™. Based on the classic sticker-collecting game that has entertained generations of football fans for decades, Panini Sticker Album is available as an app on Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

For web based app, visit:

Getting started

You don’t need to sign up or register to start your Panini 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ Official Sticker Collection. You can try it out as a guest and get collecting straight away!

If you’d like to keep collecting on a second device, and if you’d like to access all the features of the game, you’ll need to create a FIFA account via the app. The goal is always the same: swap your stickers with your friends to complete your virtual sticker album!

Getting extra packs

Every day, you’ll get two free packs to add to your collection. If you’re playing as a guest, you’ll get one. To get extra packs of stickers, you can use the app to enter certain promotional codes that you’ll find on the back of real-life Panini stickers, on FIFA’s social media channels and under the cap of certain Coca-Cola products in certain countries.

You’ll be able to scan special 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar™ products from The Coca-Cola Company or Panini to get one new pack of stickers every day.

Panini promo code 2022

Here are the Panini Promo codes Qatar 2022 virtual album. All codes are tried and working at the time of writing this post.

  • p005018662164
  • fifa2022play
  • yourgiftpack
  • igotigotneed
  • playfifa2022
  • cocacolafifa
  • fifawc22game
  • amagiadeacreditar
  • star2022code (Thanks to Phabricio)
  • magiadecreerar (Thanks to Colin)
  • magiadecreerco (Colin)
  • magiadecreermx (Colin)
  • magiadecreerpe (Colin)
  • giftcodefifa (Thanks to George)
  • updtttccpack (Thanks to Chenzo)
  • bestteam2022 (Thanks to Wrighty)

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Get stickers on Amazon

(15 stickers bag, each contain 5 stickers)

Coca cola bottle scan for extra stickers pack

coca cola product scan panini
PC: trenddetail

Download the Panini sticker album app from Google Play store or Apple app store and scan the above picture to get extra pack. You can get extra pack once a day only.

Panini item scan for extra stickers pack

panini item album cover scan

Use the above picture (digital album screenshot ????) in scan a World Cup 2022 Panini album cover area to get a free bonus pack everyday.

Also check: Qatar World Cup 2022 predictions simulator

Golden stickers

Panini digital collection promo codes 2022

It’s very difficult to get them all, so be happy about every one you received. There are two ways to get the golden stickers:

a) For every slot in the album that has a golden sticker, there are special tasks that offer a chance to get it.

b) For every first activated code per 24 hours there is a 20% chance to get a golden sticker.

Note: Golden stickers cannot be exchanged.

Swapping stickers

Just like with physical stickers, swaps are an important part of growing your virtual Panini Sticker Album. You can manage all your swaps and swap requests in the Swap Area. You’ll find it at the bottom of your home screen.

Here, if you’re logged in you can create up to three swap requests by tapping on the ‘+’. If you’re playing as a guest, you can make one swap request. When you create a swap request, you can choose who you’d like to swap your stickers with.

You can open the swap request to all other players of the game, or keep things private by swapping within your collectors team (more info below).


The stickers in your virtual collection can also be used in challenges. Challenges include collecting specific stickers or entire groups, as well as entering promo codes or scanning promotional products.

To participate in a challenge, go to ‘Challenges’ from your home screen. Each challenge has a deadline, an objective and a reward. When you get a sticker that helps you complete a challenge, you can stick it into your album as normal.

These stickers will have a tick (‘✓’) button on them. You’ll need to tap the button to count that sticker towards the challenge. If you manage to complete the challenge before the deadline, you’ll get a reward!


If you do well as a collector, you’ll be rewarded with achievements. These are extra packs or stickers that you earn by reaching certain milestones. Your achievement will appear as badges in the ‘Achievements’ section of your virtual album.

Hope you got extra packs by using the above codes. If you know any active code not in the above list, let us know in the comments and we will add it in the list.

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121 thoughts on “Panini digital collection promo codes 2022 – Use them now!”

  1. Hay, any more promo codes? I used them all and Can’t seem to get any others.

      • got 3 new ones if you haven’t seen them yet. updtttccpack…… bestteam2022…..fifa2022game…. they all worked for me today 16.1.23

  2. Join my team and swap!
    ID 1878092
    Get’em All

  3. Junte-se ao meu Time de Colecionadores ‘BrHue’! Nome do Time: 1851570, Senha: 2022. #LivroIlustradoPanini

  4. I completed my album before the 20th, will I be in the drawing for the prizes

    • Yes, there are 200 winners for the grand prize and 300 winners for the runners up prize. Good Luck!

  5. Please join My Team
    Team name: 47357864
    Password: 240687

  6. How do I view other people’s swaps?

  7. Please One messi Sticker for complete my challenge

  8. join my team

    team id – 1786750
    password – worldcup22
    slogan – bedrok

    • Nice Team there, noone active from ours ago…

  9. Join my Collectors Team ‘belarus123’! Team-Id: 1778326, Password: 123. #PaniniStickerAlbum

    • Come on guys get on this team there are seven spots available!

  10. Thank you for your page! I scan the coke and panini album pics for two packs daily 🙂

    How do I find PANINI STICKER ALBUM Teams to do more trading? I would like to complete my album but I get only one trade a day with 98 cards in my trade stack. Here is my profile link!

    • “I scan the coke and panini album pics for two packs daily”© –> You scan it where?!..

  11. Guys, I have some codes here that are invalid for me. Maybe it will help someone:

      • yes, I know, and you can even delete it in a few days as they will have already been used, but for me they returned the message: invalid code.

  12. looking for a team to swap with.

    • Me too, but all the groups that have said here are already full.

      • FIFA allows only 10 members in a team and this page receives 1,000s of visitors daily.
        I suggest you make your own team and share the details here. This will be a win win situation.

        • I have 10 packs and i need to open them
          what can i do?

  13. Complete Album: ✔️
    Golden Album: ✔️
    Update Edition: ✔️
    Trophy Tour: ✔️

    I am finally done! Thanks to Qatar Xplorer and this community for the help along the way. Now I will just enjoy the games… hoping for a Brazil vs. France final. Allez Les Bleus!

  14. Welcome! 🙂
    Team ID: 1722349
    Password: 123777321

  15. I found a new code it is UEFAWORLDCUP2022

    • thats a troll

      but you can use the magiadecreerbr (with BR for Brazil at the end.)

      I tried to enter in all the other South American countries two letter ids like PA paraguat panama? VZ and VN VA for venezuela, SU SR for suiname or UR UG UY for uruguay but i guess those countries didn’t get a code.

      • your code “magiadecreerbr” is invalid sir, did it work for you?

  16. are there any free group to join?

  17. how I can open over than 4 daily packs ???

    • Unfortunately tou can’t! ????

  18. Someone help me I need three players to close the album… does anyone have a group?

    • Create Group
      name: _Italy_
      pass: azzurra

  19. New code – bestteam2022.
    Looking for a team to join with lots of people to swap with.

  20. Do you know, there are golden sticker in Trophy Tour pages?

    • Yes. Depending on your phone and your setttings, you might have to manually update your Panini Sticker Album app for the new pages to appear at the end of the album.

    • There are no golden tickets however for the Update Edition and Trophy Tour pages.

  21. Quick question… Why when I’m swapping my stickers I get less than I give? (One or two golden stickers)

    • You can’t trade golden stickers- putting them in your swap stack just gets rid of them, the person you trade with doesn’t actually get the golden stickers.

  22. Can you keep your sticker account after you finish the album?

    • Yes. until the next world cup. I had my album of 2018 and screenshot all the pages… luckily I did, coz when Panini update the new album. it overwrites the previous world cup.

  23. hola yo tengo mi album en pc alguien me puede dar codigos proocionales que no sean los de arriba.

  24. anybody knows if i can just share/give my stickers, i already finished my digital album, and i have over 100 stickers left

    • you can put them in the swap area. Those in need will exchange them with their extra stickers.

    • I finished the album but now I have stickers for the update edition and the trophy tour that I don’t know how to paste them

      • You need to go to the app store and update panini app

        • how do i see my teams swap requests please

  25. I have 6 golden cards in 1 team. Is ti posible to have all golden cards per 1 team? Anybody have more then 6 golden per team?

    • You can have all 384 gold team stickers. It’s hard work but definitely doable. I am up to 364 now, with only 20 left. Hopefully I will be able to complete an all golden album before the start of the World Cup! ????????

    • I think it’s possible, if you tap the sticker, and hit “golden sticker” it will tell you how to get a golden sticker for that slot.

    • Marko – I have completed my Golden Album (384 golden stickers), but now have to complete the 64 Update Edition stickers and the 32 Trophy Tour stickers. At least there are no golden sticker versions of those!

  26. any collectors teams over here?

  27. Hello everyone, new code.

    • Unfortunately, I think codes found on coke products can only be used once. Sorry 🙁


    • I am lucky to have Messi’s golden sticker.
      Messi golden sticker
      You can go to swap area and request for a Messi sticker in exchange for your extra cards.

    • i also just got messi’s golden sticker

  29. I don’t understand why magiadecreer (magic of believing) is for countries ar – Argentina, co – Columbia, mx – Mexico, pe – Peru if Peru and Columbia are not even in the world cup. Okay, Peru at least had chance against Australia to qualify… but why Columbia….

    Trying to understand the schema how it is used…

    • Great observation indeed.
      I guess magic does not always need logic and reasoning. ????

    • it’s Colombia, not Columbia

    • What’s Columbia? Is that a new country we know nothing about?

    • you can add BR to the end for Brazil. that code works too

    • add BR to the end that one works as well for BRAZZZIIIILLLLL

  30. Hi there greetings from Germany need more promo codes and thanks for this webside

  31. Hi man, great article and nice updates helped me to finish the album, so thank you.

    I am just a little disappointed that the Golden stickers doesn’t show in the final PDF album.

    • If you complete the Golden Album (all 384 golden tickets), then you can download the entire Golden Album as PDF! ????

      • Hi Sam, how can I swap golden stickers, I have 26 already golden duplicates after the album is finished.

  32. Have you any more new codes for this please let me know I try all is already done

    • Hi Faris,
      Right now we don’t have, but there is an email subscription form in the post. Subscribe and we will email you once new codes are available.





    • Colin did you try any of the other counties in South or Central America? (your letters are for ARgentina, Mexivo, colombia, and….)

      i tried a few and BR works too!!. but i can’t find the letters for Ecuador, Paraguay, Suriname, Venezuala, Guyana, Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba? I mean Costa Rica and Ecuador were in the cup!!

  34. MARLENE MAMAN you replace the normal card with the Gold card

    • I am searching for new codes bro. No more general codes available in the market.
      Those found on physical sticker or coca cola bottle cap can be used only once.

  35. Hi. I can write a new code (sticker-code), need you this ?

  36. what do I do with the code of the golden stickers

    • You type them in the promo codes section for a chance to get a golden sticker

  37. I already did that but new codes to sent me let me know

    • Hi Faris,

      Here is a new one for you:


      Let me know if it is not working. I only add promo codes which are working.

      • need new codes please I’ve used them all????????????


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