Zaitoon Salwa Road Qatar Menu Price

Zaitoon is an absolute gem for food lovers. It serves multiple menus including Indian and Arbain dishes. Zaitoon Salwa Road offers a wide range of mouthwatering dishes. You must try their juicy kebabs, delicious curry, and aromatic biryanis. It also serves a fusion Of Chennai dishes such as Kari Dosai Mutton, Kothu Paratha Eggs, etc. Zaitoon Restaurant also offers refreshing fruit cocktails, fresh juice, coolers & smoothies and serves decadent desserts to complete your meal.

Here we have updated the complete menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Zaitoon & Talabat. At the end of the article, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Zaitoon Salwa Road Qatar.

Zaitoon Salwa Road Most Selling Dishes

Menu ItemQAR Price
Zaitoon Special BbqPrice on Selection
Butter Chicken MasalaQAR 25
Szechuan Fried RicePrice on Selection
Fried RicePrice on Selection
Vayanadan Pothu RoastQAR 28

Zaitoon Salwa Road Kerala Chef Special Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Pothu MappasQAR 28
Beef Pepper CurryQAR 26
Pothi BeefQAR 28
Vayanadan Pothu RoastQAR 28
Pothu Chatty CurryQAR 32
Malabar Chicken FryQAR 25

Zaitoon Salwa Road Truly Turkish Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken KoftaPrice on Selection
Mixed Grill With RiyeshPrice on Selection
Turkish Chicken BbqPrice on Selection
Mix AppetizerPrice on Selection
Mutton Kofta RollQAR 12
Chicken Kofta RollQAR 10
Mutton Tikka RollQAR 12
Chicken Tikka RollQAR 10
Turkish Mix Grill KgPrice on Selection
Turkish Mix Grill With RiyeshPrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road New Items

Menu ItemQAR Price
South Indian Non-Vegetables MealQAR 18
North Indian Veg ThaliQAR 18
North Indian Non-Veg ThaliQAR 20
Chatti Choru PrwansQAR 19
Chatti Choru BeefQAR 18
Chatti Choru FishQAR 18
Fish BbqPrice on Selection
Fish PollichathuPrice on Selection
South Indian Vegetables MealQAR 16

Zaitoon Salwa Road Appetizers And Salads Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Green SaladQAR 8
Fruit Peppy SaladQAR 18
Grilled Chicken Mayonnaise SaladQAR 12
Veg Olive SaladQAR 8

Zaitoon Salwa Road Vegetables Starters Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tadka Paneer TikkaQAR 23
Tadka Paneer Tikka
Tadka Paneer Tikka

Zaitoon Salwa Road Tandoori Starters Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken TikkaQAR 28
Chicken Pothina TikkaQAR 28
Chicken Malai TikkaQAR 28
Reshmi KebabQAR 28
Thangdi KebabQAR 28
Tandoori ChickenPrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road Soups Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Zaitoon Special Non-Veg SoupQAR 16
Naadan Aattukaal SoupQAR 16
Naadan Chicken Pepper SoupQAR 15
Awadhi Murgh SoupQAR 13
Subji Mughlai SoupQAR 11
Tomato Ginger SoupQAR 10
Manchow Chicken SoupQAR 13
Manchow Vegetables SoupQAR 11
Chicken Sweet Corn SoupQAR 12
Vegetables Sweet Corn SoupQAR 10
Vegetables Hot And Sour SoupQAR 10
Chicken Hot And Sour SoupQAR 12
Mutton Hot And Sour SoupQAR 13
Chicken Oriental SoupQAR 14

Zaitoon Salwa Road Indian Curry Non-Veg Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken GuldastaQAR 28
Chicken XacutiQAR 25
Chicken LahoriQAR 25
Murgh Begum BaharQAR 25
Mutton Nali Rogan JoshQAR 28
Chicken AfthabiQAR 25
Chicken KolapuriQAR 25
Chicken Pepper MasalaQAR 25
Chicken Tikka MasalaQAR 25
Chicken KadaiQAR 25
Murg Tikka LababdarQAR 25
Chatpate MurghQAR 25
Butter Chicken MasalaQAR 25
Mutton Nawabi KormaQAR 28
Mutton KeemaQAR 28
Keema HydrabadiQAR 28
Dal GoshtQAR 28
Mutton Bhuna LuknowiQAR 28
Mutton Nahari GhoshtQAR 28
Fish Kali MirchQAR 28
Jhingaka SalanQAR 28
Chatpate Jhinga MasalaQAR 28
Kaju Malai CurryQAR 28

Zaitoon Salwa Road Indian Curry Veg Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Paneer Makhan MakhanaQAR 18
Aknoori KoftaQAR 18
Kushrang PaneerQAR 18
Kaju Methi Malai MuttorQAR 18
Palak Tomatarka BurjiQAR 18
Dal SulthaniQAR 18
Dal FryQAR 13
Dal MakhniQAR 16
Dal TadkaQAR 13
Rajma MasalaQAR 18
Chana MasalaQAR 15
Mushroom MasalaQAR 18
Uthar DakshinQAR 18
Veg Jal FreezyQAR 18
Vegetables LahoriQAR 18
Mix Vegetable CurryQAR 15

Zaitoon Salwa Road Charcoal Grills And BBQ Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Bbq Chicken 4 In 1 ComboQAR 45
Al Faham ChickenPrice on Selection
Pepper BbqPrice on Selection
Afghani BbqPrice on Selection
Zaitoon Special BbqPrice on Selection
Moroccan BbqPrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road Chinese Corner Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Salt And Pepper ChickenQAR 22
Chili ChickenQAR 25
Chicken LollipopQAR 24
Crispy ChickenQAR 25
Chili FishQAR 28
Dragon ChickenQAR 25
Chili PotatoQAR 18

Zaitoon Salwa Road Kerala Cuisine Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Chatty CurryQAR 29
Ghee Chicken DryQAR 24
Kerala Chili Dry ChickenQAR 25
Mutton Chatty CurryQAR 28
Palli Paalayam ChickenQAR 24

Zaitoon Salwa Road Platters Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Mix GrillPrice on Selection
Tandoori Non Veg PlatterPrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road Tawa Kebab Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Shish TawookQAR 20
Dajaj Tawa KebabQAR 23
Rubiyan FaaQAR 30

Zaitoon Salwa Road Fried Rice And Noodles Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Fried RicePrice on Selection
Szechuan Fried RicePrice on Selection
American Chopsuey VegQAR 25

Zaitoon Salwa Road Fusion Of Chennai Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Mutton KormaQAR 26
Chicken KhurmaQAR 22
MuttavadiyalQAR 8
Mutton OmeletteQAR 14
Chicken OmeletteQAR 12
Fish OmeletteQAR 15
Kari Dosai MuttonQAR 18
kari Dosai ChickenQAR 15
Kari Dosai FishQAR 18
Kari Dosai EggQAR 12
Kothu Paratha EggsQAR 20

Zaitoon Salwa Road Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken SandwichQAR 6
Vegetable SandwichQAR 5
Chicken Club SandwichQAR 18
Vegetables Club SandwichQAR 12
Family Club SandwichesQAR 40

Zaitoon Salwa Road Biryani Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chennai Dum Chicken BiryaniQAR 20
Pulao Aapki PasandQAR 13
Keema PulaoQAR 24

Zaitoon Salwa Road Arabian Rice Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Kozi ChickenQAR 20
Kozi SamakQAR 25
Kozi RubiyanQAR 28
Kozi RiceQAR 10
Raan BiryaniQAR 120

Zaitoon Salwa Road Kid’s Favorite Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Biscuit PuddingQAR 15

Zaitoon Salwa Road Quick Bites Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Tawa RollQAR 7
Paratha RollQAR 5

Zaitoon Salwa Road Desserts Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Carrot HalawaQAR 15
Pistha Gulab JamunQAR 15
Shahi Ka TukdaQAR 15
Zaitoon FavacoQAR 16
Royal FaloodaQAR 20
Special FaloodaQAR 22
Rose FaloodaQAR 16
Mini FaloodaQAR 13
Fruit Salad With Ice CreamQAR 16

Zaitoon Salwa Road Fruit Cocktails Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Mixed Fruit CocktailQAR 12
Arabian CocktailQAR 15

Zaitoon Salwa Road Fresh Juice Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Orange JuicePrice on Selection
Orange With Carrot JuicePrice on Selection
Grape JuicePrice on Selection
Mango JuicePrice on Selection
Mango With Strawberry JuicePrice on Selection
Apple JuicePrice on Selection
Avocado JuicePrice on Selection
Lemon JuiceQAR 6
Lime Mint Cooler JuiceQAR 8
Papaya JuicePrice on Selection
Pomegranate JuicePrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road Milkshakes Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Vanilla MilkshakeQAR 15
Chocolate MilkshakeQAR 15
Avocado MilkshakeQAR 15
Strawberry MilkshakeQAR 15
Dates MilkshakeQAR 16
Mix Nuts MilkshakeQAR 18
Sharjah MilkshakeQAR 10
Banana MilkshakeQAR 10
Apple MilkshakeQAR 13
Papaya MilkshakeQAR 13

Zaitoon Salwa Road Coolers And Smoothies Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Blue VelvetQAR 15
Carrot SplashQAR 13
Lime Mint SodaQAR 10
Sweet LassyQAR 10
Mango LassyQAR 15
Mango Ginger LassyQAR 15

Zaitoon Salwa Road Mocktails And Lemonade Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
MojitoQAR 12
Mexican MojitoQAR 12
Ginger MountainQAR 12
True BlueQAR 12
Rose LemonadeQAR 12
Lemon LemonadeQAR 10

Zaitoon Salwa Road Rotis Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tandoor RotiQAR 2
Lacha ParathaQAR 2
Kerala ParathaQAR 2
ChapatiQAR 2
Butter NaanQAR 3
Stuffed KulchaPrice on Selection

Zaitoon Salwa Road Location

Zaitoon Restaurant is on 6CMX+VGF, Al Harith Bin Omair St, Doha, Qatar.

Monday11 am–12 am
Tuesday11 am–12 am
Wednesday11 am–12 am
Thursday11 am–2 am
Friday11 am–2 am
Saturday11 am–12 am
Sunday11 am–12 am

Zaitton has something for everyone, you can enjoy delicious food with your loved ones. They also offer home delivery service through food apps so you can enjoy their meal at home. Zaitton

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