When is Garangao in Qatar 2023 – What is the Garangaou celebration?

Garangao is a traditional Qatari celebration that takes place on the 14th night of Ramadan. It is celebrated by children dressed in traditional clothing, including the Garangao dress. During Garangao, children go door-to-door singing songs and receiving treats from their neighbors. The sight of these children dressed in their finest attire is truly beautiful and a reminder of Qatar’s cultural heritage. Garangao is an important part of Qatar’s culture, as it brings people together to celebrate the joys of Ramadan

Garangao dress

The dress usually consists of a long white thobe for boys and a colorful jalabiya for girls, both with intricate embroidery and embellishments. Other traditional accessories like head-dresses, scarfs and belts are also worn to complete the look.

Garangao celebration 2023

The middle of Ramadan is slated for April 6, 2023. This year, Qatar Foundation’s Tariq Bin Ziad School is hosting an event on April 6, 2023 from 7 pm to 12 am. 

The gathering will occur at the below location:

Building 36, Street 893, Zone 38, Al Dafaf street, Al Sadd.


The Garangao celebration offers a variety of fun-filled activities, such as art and handicrafts, narrating tales, playing games, pony rides, traditional folk tunes, and amusing puppet performances for kids.

The event is free to attend.

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