Wagamama Qatar Menu Price 2023

Wagamama is an Asian-inspired restaurant that offers a wide range of delicious dishes that will leave your taste buds tingling with excitement. It is popular for its unique fusion of flavours, combining traditional Japanese cuisine with a modern twist. They offer mouthwatering ramen bowls and flavorful curry. They also offer delicious desserts, salads, and some amazing sides. Don’t forget to try their refreshing fresh juices and iced tea.

Here we have updated the Wagamama Qatar Menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of the Wagamama and Talabaat.

At the end of the article, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Wagamama Qatar. Visit Wagamama Qatar for their Chicken Katsu Curry, crispy chicken, curry sauce, sticky rice, and some vegan food.

Wagamama Qatar Menu

We are categorizing the menu as Most Selling, Vegan, Curry, Ramen, Teppanyaki, Donburi, Sides, Salads, Kid Menu, Desserts, Fresh Juices, Lemonades And Ice Tea, and Extras.

Wagamama Qatar Most Selling Dish

Menu ItemQAR Price
Ebi KatsuQAR 42
Edamame (V)QAR 29
Katsu CurryPrice on Selection
Chilli SquidQAR 39
Mini Chicken KatsuQAR 26

Wagamama Qatar Vegan Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tofu RaisukareeQAR 60
Tofu FirecrackerQAR 55

Wagamama Qatar Curry Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
RaisukareePrice on Selection
Katsu CurryPrice on Selection
FirecrackerPrice on Selection
Hot Chicken Katsu CurryQAR 56
Hot Yasai Katsu CurryQAR 49
Thai Green CurryPrice on Selection

Wagamama Qatar Ramen Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Grilled Chicken RamenQAR 49
Wagamama Own’s RamenQAR 58
Chilli Chicken RamenQAR 52
Chilli Prawn Kimchee RamenQAR 56
Tantanmen Beef Brisket RamenQAR 69
Kare Burosu Ramen veganQAR 56
Chilli Steak RamenQAR 57
Tantanmen Chicken RamenQAR 54
Gyoza RamenPrice on Selection

Wagamama Qatar Teppanyaki Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Yaki SobaPrice on Selection
Teriyaki Beef SobaQAR 66
Pad ThaiPrice on Selection
Steak BulgogiQAR 65
Yakitori Chicken Rice Plus Asian SlawQAR 49

Wagamama Qatar Donburi Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Teriyaki Chicken DonburiQAR 49
Teriyaki Beef Brisket And Red Onion DonburiQAR 54
Korean Barbecue BeefQAR 68
Chicken YakimeshiQAR 49
Beef YakimeshiQAR 54
Yasai And Tofu YakimeshiQAR 45

Wagamama Qatar Sides Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Edamame (V)QAR 29
Raw Salad (V)QAR 19
Chicken SatayQAR 34
Chilli SquidQAR 39
Ebi KatsuQAR 42
Bang Bang CauliflowerQAR 16
Vegetable TempuraQAR 22
Seafood Tom Yum SoupQAR 29
Korean Barbecue Beef And Red Onion Bao BunsQAR 29
Mix Mushrooms And Panko Aubergine Bao BunsQAR 27
Bang Bang ShrimpQAR 30
Bang Bang Cauliflower Bao BunsQAR 22
Korean Fried ChickenQAR 35
Aromatic Chicken With Bao BunsQAR 24
Sticky Miso CornQAR 42

Wagamama Qatar Salads Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Orange SaladQAR 55
Shitake Beef SaladQAR 58
Chicken Miso SaladQAR 49
Salmon Miso SaladQAR 62

Wagamama Qatar Kid Menu Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Mini Yakisoba ChickenQAR 26
Mini Chicken KatsuQAR 26
Mini Yasai KatsuQAR 26
Mini Chicken Cha HanQAR 26
Mini Yasai Cha HanQAR 26
Mini Chicken RamenQAR 26
Mini Yasai RamenQAR 26
Mini Yasai Yaki SobaQAR 26

Wagamama Qatar Desserts Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Banana KatsuQAR 30
Chocolate Layer CakeQAR 28
White Chocolate And Ginger CheesecackeQAR 28

Wagamama Qatar Fresh Juice Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Fruit JuicePrice on Selection
Carrot & Ginger JuicePrice on Selection
Clean Green JuicePrice on Selection
Tropical JuicePrice on Selection
Power JuicePrice on Selection
Positive JuicePrice on Selection
Orange JuicePrice on Selection
Up-beetPrice on Selection
Nourish-mintPrice on Selection

Wagamama Qatar Lemonades And Ice Tea Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Peach Ice TeaQAR 16
Lemon Ice TeaQAR 16
Traditional Cloudy LemonadeQAR 22
Strawberry Cloudy LemonadeQAR 22
Ginger No JitoQAR 28

Wagamama Qatar Extras Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Miso Soup And Japanese PicklesQAR 19
ChilliesQAR 3
Japanese PicklesQAR 5
A Tea-Stained EggQAR 6
KimcheeQAR 15
Katsu Curry SauceQAR 7
Sticky riceQAR 8
Fried Breaded ChickenQAR 10
ShrimpQAR 12
BeefQAR 25

Wagamama Qatar Locations & Operating Hours

AddressOperating Hours
Piazza area Lagoona Mall, Doha, QatarFriday to Wednesday 12 pm–12 am
Thursday 1 pm–12 am
Doha Festival City PB No. 75, Doha, QatarSaturday to Thursday 12–11 pm
Friday 1–11 pm
Place Vendôme Mall Lusail, PB No 75, Doha, QatarSunday to Wednesday 12–10:30 pm
Thursday 12–11 pm
Friday 1–11 pm

Wagamama Qatar truly knows how to create a dining experience with tasty food. Whether you’re visiting for a quick lunch or a group dinner. They offer a menu that will satisfy your taste buds. So, if you’re looking for some amazing flavorful curries or tasty ramen head over to Wagamama Qatar.

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