Best Seafood Restaurants in Qatar : Dive into Doha’s Oceanic Delights

If you are a seafood enthusiast traveling or living in Qatar, you will be pleased to know that Doha city boasts some of the best seafood restaurants in the region. Being a coastal city overlooking the Arabian Gulf, Doha’s seafood is not only fresh, but it is also rich in flavors and marine nutrients. In this article, we will take a deep dive into oceanic delights and explore some of the best seafood restaurants in Qatar that you should try during your next visit.

Whether you are looking for a fine dining experience or a casual evening out, Doha’s seafood restaurants can offer you a diverse range of dishes to satisfy your cravings. From grilled fish and prawns, seafood curries, to sushi platters and seafood towers, you name it, and you will find it in this city. So, get ready to indulge and discover some of the finest and most delicious seafood treats in Qatar.

What are the top seafood restaurants in Doha?

Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish 

Best Seafood Restaurants in Qatar - Danat Al Bahar BBQ Fish

Looking for a mouth-watering BBQ fish? Look no further than Danat Al Bahar’s BBQ Fish! A popular dish among locals and tourists alike, this dish features a freshly caught fish which is seasoned with a rich blend of flavorful spices and grilled to perfection. The BBQ Fish can be enjoyed on its own or paired with other dishes such as Arabic salads, rice, and sauces.

Located right by the sea, Danat Al Bahar offers the perfect setting for a seafood feast. So, head on over to Danat Al Bahar and savor the flavor of delicious BBQ Fish!

Location: Souq Wakra and Souq Waqif

The Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant

Top Seafood Restaurants in Qatar - The Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant

The Crab Pot Seafood Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Doha. The Crab Pot serves fresh seafood, ranging from calamari to lobster. The restaurant’s extensive menu also features local Qatari seafood dishes. The serene atmosphere combined with great dining experience makes the Crab Pot seafood restaurant a one-stop-shop for a memorable dining experience.

Location: Wadi Al Duhoul St, Duhail

Al Qarmouty Seafood Restaurant

Best Seafood Restaurants in Qatar - Al Qarmouty Seafood Restaurant

Al Qarmouty Seafood Restaurant is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Doha. The restaurant offers delicious seafood meals ranging from grilled shrimp to fresh fish. Visitors can enjoy freshly cooked seafood while taking in the restaurant’s inviting décor, which emphasizes a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Location: B Ring Road

Best seafood restaurants in Doha that offer fish and chips

Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market is a seafood restaurant that has gained popularity with locals and visitors. They offer a range of seafood delicacies, but their fish and chips dish is the real showstopper, made with the freshest fish and served with crispy fries.

Location: Mall of Qatar

Little Sailor Seafood Restaurant

Little Sailor Seafood Restaurant is a casual dining seafood restaurant in 8 locations across Qatar. They offer fish and chips with a twist, giving a refreshing take on the traditional dish. Visitors can enjoy perfectly battered fish and crispy fries in a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Check Locations here:

Fast Fish Restaurant

Doha’s Fast Fish Restaurant has gained remarkable popularity, thanks in part to their lavish, sumptuous seafood dishes. They have an extensive and varied menu, with an incredible fish and chips dish that’s sure to leave diners crying out for more. Their fish is fried crisply and served appropriately with tartar sauce.

Location: Airport Street

Seafood restaurants that offer steam seafood dishes

Golden Fish Restaurant

Golden Fish Restaurant is a food lover’s paradise, and if steamed seafood dishes are your thing, then this is the restaurant for you. Their Shrimp salad has become a favorite for many seafood enthusiasts. The seafood is cooked to perfection, seasoned with herbs, and served with a range of dipping sauces.

Location: Al Muntazah

King Fish

King Fish is a seafood restaurant that has raised the bar on serving steam seafood dishes to perfection. Located in Bin Mahmoud, they offer a combination of local Qatari seafood dishes and international seafood meals. The restaurant has an array of fresh seafood available, and you’re guaranteed an unforgettable dining experience.

Location: Al Khaleej St, Bin Mahmoud

Bilao Seafood Restaurant

Bilao Seafood Restaurant is a seafood restaurant located in Al Sadd. They offer fresh fish, whole crabs, shrimp, and other seafood options expertly cooked and seasoned to perfection. The steam seafood dishes are both healthy and delicious, and the delicate aroma is tantalizing and adds a touch of sophistication to your dinner.

Location: Al Kiana Street, Al Sadd

Seafood restaurants in Qatar that specialize in crabs


As the name suggests, Crabtonite is a restaurant having Crabs as their specialty, and they offer the freshest crab the Qatar has to offer. Diners can enjoy crab prepared in various ways, ranging with blue and brown crabs. Crabtonite’s expert staff can help individuals who need help navigating the extensive menu and ensure they settle for meals they will enjoy.

Location: Le Crosette 25. The Pearl

Alhear Aljanoubi Sea food

Alhear Aljanoubi is a seafood restaurant located in Umm Salal and is known for its crab dishes. They offer a range of crab dishes cooked to perfection and served with hot butter and tasty french-fries. Crab Salona is a popular item on their extensive menu. You are certain to enjoy it. 

Location: Umm Salal Muhammed

Wrap up

There’s no doubt that Qatar is a seafood lover’s haven. Whether you visit the seafood markets or choose to dine in elegant seafood restaurants, you’re sure to enjoy it all. With so many excellent seafood restaurants in Qatar, it’s challenging to single out one as the best seafood restaurant in Qatar. However, whatever your preference, you’re bound to find a meal that will satisfy your taste buds.

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