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This unique and exciting restaurant is a haven for all sushi lovers out there. Sushi Library is a family-friendly restaurant that offers sushi & other Japanese-inspired dishes for every taste. You can get a wide variety of sushi rolls, Japanese dishes, and combos. You can try their classic favorites like California rolls and spicy tuna rolls to crispy shrimp rolls Sushi Library has something for everyone.

Here we have updated the Sushi Library Menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Sushi Library & Talabat.

At the end of the article, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Sushi Library Qatar.

Sushi Library Most-selling Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
The KingdomQAR 59
Chicken KatsuQAR 74
Super CaliforniaQAR 49
Chicken Fried RiceQAR 44
Salmon DelightQAR 89
El Taco SushiQAR 39

Sushi Library Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tori PopsQAR 44
EdamamePrice on Selection
Prawn TempuraQAR 39
Tempura Wasabi – 3 PiecesQAR 44
Tempura Wasabi – 5 PiecesQAR 64
Csy PrawnsQAR 44
Nagoya WingsQAR 49

Sushi Library Suli Tacos Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
El Taco SushiQAR 39
Csy El TacoQAR 39

Sushi Library Soups Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Miso SoupQAR 14
Shiitake Mushroom SoupQAR 19
Tom Yum SoupQAR 39

Sushi Library Salads Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Cucumber Crab SaladQAR 39

Sushi Library Gyoza Hand-Folded Dumplings Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Shrimp GyozaQAR 39
Chicken KatsuQAR 74
Seafood KatsuQAR 74
Beef KatsuQAR 74
Veggie Tofu Katsu VegetablesQAR 74

Sushi Library Bentos And Bowls Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tempura BentoQAR 79
Sweet Chili PrawnQAR 74
Grilled Salmon BentoQAR 89
Grilled Beef With Yakiniku SauceQAR 59
Teriyaki Chicken BentoQAR 54
Salmon DonburiQAR 54

Sushi Library Sushi Combo Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Matsu Sashimi BentoQAR 89
Sushi SetQAR 89
Tuna DelightQAR 84
Salmon DelightQAR 89

Sushi Library Rice And Noodles Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chef SuLi’s Fried RiceQAR 54
Chicken Fried RiceQAR 44
Seafood Fried RiceQAR 49
Ebi Fried RiceQAR 49
Egg Fried RiceQAR 39
Chicken YakisobaQAR 54
Prawn YakisobaQAR 59
Yakisoba MixQAR 59
Yaki UdonQAR 54
Kimchee Stirfried UdonQAR 59
Steamed RiceQAR 10

Sushi Library Ramens Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Grilled Chicken Chashu RamenQAR 54
Braised Beef RamenQAR 59
Shifudo RamenQAR 64
Yakiniku RamenQAR 69
Chicken TantanmenQAR 64
Chicken Karaage RamenQAR 64
Koen MisoQAR 59

Sushi Library Signature Rolls Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tuna PanyakiQAR 59
Zebra RollQAR 54
The KingdomQAR 59
The YanagiQAR 64
Crispy Torched SalmonQAR 59
Chef SuLi’s Supreme RollQAR 69
Tempura ChipsQAR 54
Lobster VolcanoQAR 64
Tropical CrunchQAR 59

Sushi Library Special Rolls Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
HarmonyQAR 54
Truffled PrawnQAR 59
Kemuri SakeQAR 54
Kunafa CaliQAR 44
Super CaliforniaQAR 49
Crispy Tempura CaliQAR 44
Nama Spring Roll – 6 pcsQAR 44
Crunchy Sweet PotatoQAR 54
CaliforniaQAR 44
Shibuya RollQAR 54
Midori TempuraQAR 49
Kabayaki RollQAR 59
Crispy KemuriQAR 44
Chicken Teriyaki RollQAR 54
Tempura CrazeQAR 49
Krunchy CreamQAR 54

Sushi Library Nigiri Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Ebi NigiriQAR 24
Cuttlefish NigiriQAR 24
Hamachi NigiriQAR 24
Crab NigiriQAR 24
Tuna NigiriQAR 24
Salmon NigiriQAR 24
Torched Salmon NigiriQAR 29
Tako NigiriQAR 24
Tamago NigiriQAR 19
Unagi NigiriQAR 44

Sushi Library Temaki Sushi Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Spicy Tuna TemakiQAR 29
Spicy Salmon TemakiQAR 29
Super California TemakiQAR 24
Tempura TemakiQAR 24

Sushi Library Sashimi Japanese Delicacy Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Hamachi SashimiQAR 54
Tuna SashimiQAR 54
Salmon SashimiQAR 54
Sashimi ComboQAR 74
CarpaccioQAR 74

Sushi Library Vegan Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Spring RollQAR 34
Crispy Veg TempuraQAR 29
Tofu KatsuQAR 29

Sushi Library Vegan Rolls Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Avocado MakiQAR 24
Cucumber MakiQAR 24
King’s RollQAR 49
Veggie Roll With VegetablesQAR 34
A-RollQAR 44
Vegan VietnamQAR 39

Sushi Library Vegan Rice And Noodles Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Veggie Fried RiceQAR 39
Vegan YakisobaQAR 49

Sushi Library Platters Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
ItsukiQAR 249
Chef SuLi SelectionQAR 249
OkinawaQAR 239
Mega ShiraQAR 279
Grand CaliQAR 219
Festive PlatterQAR 159

Sushi Library Drinks MenuSushi Library Qatar Location

Address: City Center Doha Shopping Mall, 1st floor, Doha, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours

Monday11 am–11 pm
Tuesday11 am–11 pm
Wednesday11 am–11 pm
Thursday11 am–12 am
Friday1 pm–12 am
Saturday11 am–11 pm
Sunday11 am–11 pm

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