Sazeli Qatar Menu 2023

Sazeli Qatar is known for its premium authentic Turkish culinary experience. The menu at Sazeli offers a range of mouthwatering dishes. It has an extensive collection of appetizers, main courses, Juices, desserts, and an Exclusive Shisha menu for Shisha lovers. Sazeli also serves mezzes, Dried and grilled beef that leaves you craving for more.

Here we have updated the Sazeli Qatar Menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Sazeli Qatar.

So, if you find yourself in Qatar, make sure to pay a visit to Sazeli Qatar for an unforgettable dining experience.

Sazeli Qatar Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Traditional Turkish Breakfast
Assorted Cheese Plate (Chechil Cheese, White Cheese, Turkish Kashkaval Cheese, Turkish Kashari Cheese served with Black Grape), Pisi (Turkish Fried Dough) served with Assorted Chocolate, Sahine, Honey and Clotted Cream (Kushta), Turkish Butter, Assorted Combination of Dill, Butter and Goat Cheese, Tahini and Grape and Molasses, Strawberry Jam, Green and Black Olives, Labneh with Zaatar, Sogus Platter (Green Pepper, Cucumber, Cherry Tomato and Mint), Homemade Roasted Pepper Sauce, Fried Potatoes and Capsicum Pepper with Yoghurt Sauce, Turkish Borek with Cheese, Turkish Borek with Spinach, Turkish Borek with Minced Meat, Assorted Bread Kinds (Small Zaatar Pita, Regular Pita, Simit, Roll Tandoor Bread) along with Eggs with Sucuk including Unlimited Turkish Tea.
Per person QAR120.00
Egg on sahanQAR 25
Egg with SucukQAR 40
Egg with Turkish-style fried meatQAR 45
Turkish-style fried meatQAR 40
Fried SucukQAR 35
MenemenQAR 30
Mix Omelette QAR 30

Sazeli Qatar Appetizers Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Asparagus Parmigiano QR 50.00
Sauteed Oyster Mushroom QR4 5.00
Beef SushiQR 60.00
Beef CarpaccioQR 110.00
Sazeli Special BabaganoushQR 70.00
Onion FlowerQR 70.00
Fried PotatoesQR 30.00
Charcuterie PlatterQR 90.00
Hummus with meat QR 45.00
Hummus with PastramiQR 45.00
Truffle Potato Croquettes QR 45.00
Mashed PotatoesQR 30.00
Sauteed MushroomQR 45.00
Sauteed SpinachQR 45.00

Sazeli Qatar Mezzes Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Acem CacikQR 30.00
Atom with green appleQR 30.00
Avocado giritQR 30.00
BabaghanoushQR 30.00
Beetroot saladQR 30.00
Cabbage SaladQR 30.00
CacikQR 30.00
HumusQR 30.00
KopeogluQR 30.00
MoutabbelQR 30.00
MuhammaraQR 30.00
Olive SaladQR 30.00
SahakshukaQR 30.00
Spicy antep azmeQR 30.00
Stuffed leavesQR 30.00
TabboulehQR 30.00
Yogurt with beetrootQR 30.00
Yogurt with blueberryQR 30.00
Yogurt with fried vegetablesQR 30.00
Yogurt with pomegranateQR 30.00
Yogurt with spinach and almondQR 30.00

Sazeli Qatar Salad Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Goat cheese berry saladQR 70.00
Turkish style FttuoshQR 50.00
Gavurdag SaladQR 50.00
Rocket saladQR 50.00
Salad with tulum cheeseQR 60.00
Sazeli saladQR 60.00

Sazeli Qatar Specialities Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Lamb RackQR 650.00 Kg
ChateaubriandQR 950.00 Kg
Roasted Beef Rib AsadoQR 750.00 Kg
Beef EspetadaQR 950.00 Kg

Sazeli Qatar Air dried Beef Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Beef Ribeye MustardQR 780.00 Kg
T-Bone SteakQR 780.00 Kg
Dallas SteakQR 820.00 Kg
Tomahawk SteakQR 820.00 Kg
Rib-Eye SteakQR 820.00 Kg
New York SteakQR 820.00 Kg
Club SteakQR 780.00 Kg
Beef SirloinQR 780.00 Kg

Sazeli Qatar Grilled Beef Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Beef SpaghettiQR 820.00 Kg
Beef EntrecôteQR 780.00 Kg
Beef LokumQR 820.00 Kg
Beef SaslikQR 820.00 Kg

Sazeli Qatar Grilled Lamb Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Lamb ChopsQR 550.00 Kg
Lamb lokumQR 520.00 Kg
Lamb KuslemeQR 550.00 Kg
Marinated Lamb BackQR 550.00 Kg
Lamb ShishQR 520.00 Kg

Sazeli Qatar Kofte and Sucuk Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Butcher Kofte /KgQR460.00
Kofte with Kashari Cheese /KgQR480.00
Spicy Kofte with Kashari Cheese / KgQR490.00
Adana Kofte/KgQR490.00
Beef sucuk QR 420.00 Kg

Sazeli Qatar Burger Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Sucuk BurgerQR 75.00
Sazeli burgerQR 90.00
Sazeli slidersQR 90.00
Lokum burgerQR 105.00

Sazeli Qatar Kids Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Mini kids BurgerQR 60
Finger Meat BallQR 60
Combo Kids Menu
100 gm meatballs, 100 gm Beef sausage, 100 gm crumbed beef tenderloin with fried potato, vegetable sticks, ketchup, and mayonnaise.
QR 125

Sazeli Qatar Dessert Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Baklava cheesecakeQR 50
Chocolate mud pieQR 60
Date ShouffleQR 60
Carrot Slice Baklava1 Pc QR 60
Tray QR 600
Kg QR 300
Onion Baklava with pistachio 1 Pc QR 60
Tray QR 500
Kg QR 350
Pistachio Roll Baklava1 Pc QR 60
Tray QR 700
Kg QR 400
Walnut Roll Baklava1 Pc QR 60
Tray QR 500
Kg QR 300
Oven Baked Rice Pudding QR 40

Sazeli Qatar Cold Beverages Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
AyranQAR 20
Ayran with mintQAR 22
LemonadeQAR 30
Lemonade with mintQAR 32
MojitoQAR 45
Strawberry MojitoQAR 50
Passion fruit MojitoQAR 50
Fresh Pomegranate JuiceQAR 45
Fresh orange JuiceQAR 30
Fresh Carrot JuiceQAR 30
Fresh Apple JuiceQAR 30
Mix Fresh JuiceQAR 35

Sazeli Qatar Hot Beverages Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Turkish CoffeeQAR 27
Turkish Coffee

Sazeli Qatar Soft Drinks Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
WaterQAR 8 – QAR 18
Sparkling WaterQAR 15 – QAR 30
PepsiQAR 15
MirindaQAR 15
Iced TeaQAR 15

Sazeli Qatar Shisha Menu

Regular Shisha Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Golden AppleQAR 145
Double AppleQAR 145
AppleQAR 145
Apple with MintQAR 145
GrapesQAR 145
Grapes with mintQAR 145
LemonQAR 145
Lemon with mintQAR 145
RoseQAR 145
Rose with MIntQAR 145
Cinnamon QAR 145
Strawberry QAR 145
MelonQAR 145
WatermelonQAR 145
Oranges QAR 145
PeachQAR 145
Cappuccino QAR 145
Blueberry QAR 145
Additional HeadQAR 85

Special with Fruit Bowl

Menu ItemQAR Price
Bosporus QAR 180
Sazeli SpecialQAR 180
IstanbulQAR 180
PortugalQAR 180
Hurrem SultanQAR 180
ErtugalQAR 180
Arabian NightsQAR 180
Al CornicheQAR 180
SouqQAR 180
PearlQAR 180

Sazeli Qatar Location and Operating Hours

AddressOperating Hours
 Ar-Rayyan, QatarThursday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 11 AM–12 AM
Friday 1 PM–12 AM
Saturday 9 AM–12 AM
Alhambra St, Doha, QatarThursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8 AM–1 AM
Friday 1 PM–1 AM

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