Pakistani truck art team Phool Patti is in Qatar for JedariArt

The JedariArt program is an annual event that Qatar Museums organizes to add more life and color to the city, through well-designed murals and street art. The latest Jedariart edition is in collaboration with Phool Patti, All India Permit, Hilton Salwa Beach Resort & Villas, Ashghal, and WOQOD.

About JedariArt

Jedariart is a public art programme that aims to provide a tangible sense of space for the wider community and create new tourist attractions across the city. 

For two weeks, from 11th to 24th October, Ashghal and Jotun will be supporting All India Permit and Phool Patti as they paint truck art outside Al Mansoura Metro Station, the popular form of regional decoration on trucks in both countries.

About Phool Patti

Phool is an Urdu word that translates to Flower in English and Patti means Petal. Phool Patti is a Pakistan based social enterprise, founded by Ali Salman Anchan who is also the creative director of the entity.

They work to promote the unique and vibrant Pakistani Truck Art globally. It does its own projects, as well as takes on projects given to them by others, such as painting the walls, cars, statues and the recent Qatar World Cup 2022 football painting.

football painted with truck art by Phool Patti team

The entity’s creation of mesmerizing art pieces demonstrates its dedication to promoting Pakistan’s beautiful culture.

Phool Patti is thrilled to be part of this project, especially in advance of the FIFA World Cup, all because millions of people will experience the Pakistan truck art.

Ali Salman Anchan

Pakistani Truck Art

pakistani truck art
By Alexandros. Papadopoulos from, CC BY-SA 2.0, wikimedia

In Pakistan, trucks are decorated as an expression of art and culture. It is a tradition to decorate these vehicles in such a manner. Different colors are used to hand paint plants, animals, different shapes, and figures on the vehicle.

Aside from that, artists also tend to write pieces of literature, poetry verses, life lessons, and quotes on their bodies. They love to play with typography, text font, styles, etc.

This sort of art is not just restricted to trucks anymore. With time it is being painted on walls, shoes, bags, frames, etc. Pakistani artists do know that the possibilities of applying this art to other products are endless.

This type of art is not only limited to trucks. Over time, it has been painted on walls, shoes, bags, frames, etc. Pakistani artists know that the possibilities of applying this art to other products are endless.

Phool Patti team even painted Toyota Supra with the truck art. See below video:

Truck art is not only admired in Pakistan, but it is also loved and admired globally. Today, it has become the cultural emblem of Pakistan.

If you reside near Mansoura Metro Station, do share with us the photos of the art created by Phool Patti and All India Permit.

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