Lulu Hypermarket Qatar Ramadan Timings 2023

Lulu Hypermarket Qatar has announced 2023 Ramadan Timings. Shopping hours during the holy month of Ramadan are as follows:

Saturday to Thursday

8 am to 12 am


8 am to 10:30 am

12:30 pm to 12 am

Lulu Hypermarket Qatar Ramadan Timings 2023
source: Lulu Instagram official handle

About Lulu Hypermarket

Lulu Hypermarket is a popular retail chain in Qatar, owned and operated by Lulu Group International. It is one of the largest hypermarket chains in the Middle East, with several outlets across Qatar.

Lulu Hypermarket in Qatar offers a wide range of products, including groceries, fresh produce, household items, electronics, fashion, and beauty products. It is known for its extensive product selection, quality products, competitive prices, and excellent customer service.

The hypermarket has several departments, including a bakery, a meat section, a fish section, a deli, and a fresh produce section. It also has a wide selection of international products from various countries, catering to the diverse population of Qatar.

Lulu Group also offers various services such as a pharmacy, a money exchange, a travel agency, a mobile and electronics store, and a beauty salon.

Overall, Lulu Hypermarket is a popular destination for shoppers in Qatar, offering a wide range of products, services, and excellent customer experience.

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