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Karak Mqnesand its menu caters to all taste preferences, it’s no wonder that this place has become a go-to spot for foodies in Qatar. It has a short menu with attractive dishes in it. The menu includes Starters, Sandwiches and burgers, Pasta, and Some tea and Coffe along with fresh juices to compliment your plate. It also has Wraps and fries along with chicken wraps, sandwiches, and starters.

Here we have updated the complete menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Karak Mqnes Qatar.

Don’t forget to look at the end as at the end of this article we have uploaded all the branches with locations & operating Hours. Visit the nearest branch and try their mouthwatering fast food – your taste buds will thank you!

Karak Mqanes Starters Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Popcorn With Cheese
Delicious chicken popcorn mix with cheese, chips, ketchup and mayonnaise
QAR 18
Light and fluffy kernels, coated in rich butter and seasoned with your favorite flavors
QAR 15
Shrimp With ChilliQAR 16
Mozzarella Sticks
Crispy and cheesy mozzarella sticks, coated with a golden breadcrumb crust and filled with melted cheese, they’re a perfect snack or side dish to enjoy with any meal.
QAR 18
Chicken With ChipsQAR 18
Nuggets With PopcornQAR 18
Mix SamosaQAR 13
Chicken Strips
Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, our succulent chicken strips are seasoned to perfection and sure to satisfy your cravings for a tasty and satisfying meal.
QAR 18
Thinly sliced and perfectly seasoned, they’re the perfect accompaniment to any meal or a standalone treat.
QAR 15

Karak Mqanes Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Bari Beef BurgerQAR 25
Mushroom Beef BurgerQAR 18
Magnum BurgerQAR 20
Crispy Chicken BurgerQAR 16
Jungle Chicken BurgerQAR 20
Hunt Egg BurgerQAR 12
Beef Burger Sandwich
Savor the bold, juicy flavor of our classic Beef Burger Sandwich, made with a juicy, well-seasoned beef patty and tangy sauce, all nestled between two soft buns
Chicken Burger
Patty made from ground chicken, served in a bun
Egg And Bacon Burger
Scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and cheese.
QAR 18
Trio Burger
3 mini Trio burger, beef burger, grilled chicken burger, fried chicken
QAR 25
Truffle Burger
Mozzarella cheese truffle sauce
QAR 25
Wrap ZingerQAR 15
Wrap ZingerQAR 16
Wrap FelafelQAR 11
Nuggets Wrap
Crispy and tender nuggets wrapped in a soft tortilla with fresh vegetable and creamy dressing
QAR 17
Wrap ShrimpQAR 15
Wrap Chicken MayonnaiseQAR 14
Shrimp SandwichesQAR 12
Supreme Zinger SandwichQAR 17
Chicken Mayonnaise
Chicken Dish with a creamy mayonnaise sauce.
Layers of pasta, meat sauce, and cheese are baked together to create a comforting Italian dish.
Zinger Sandwich
Made with juicy and tender chicken, tangy sauce, cheese, and vegetables, it’s a perfect meal for those who want a quick and tasty sandwich that packs a punch of flavor.
Chicken with mushroomQAR 20
Steak Sandwich
Tender, grilled steak slices nestled between soft bread, accompanied by caramelized onions, melted cheese, and a zesty sauce.
QAR 18
Loader Chicken CrispyQAR 18
Club MqanesQAR 14
Nuggets Club SandwichQAR 17
Felafel Club SandwichQAR 15
Shrimp Club SandwichQAR 15
Al Majlis Club Box
Felafel, shrimp, zinger, tabasco, ketchup, mayonnaise and french fries.
QAR 75
Al Majlis Club Box
Felafel, shrimp, zinger, tabasco, ketchup, mayonnaise and french fries.
QAR 90

Karak Mqanes Pasta Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Pink PastaQAR 40
Pasta Al QirtathPrice On Selection

Karak Mqanes Tea Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Milk with GingerPrice On Selection
Milk with ZaffranPrice On Selection
Red Tea
Hand-picked from the finest tea leaves, It’s a warm, comforting beverage that will awaken your senses and soothe your soul.
Price On Selection
Green Tea
Savor the delicate aroma and taste of our premium green tea, expertly harvested and processed to preserve their natural antioxidants and health benefits.
Price On Selection
Karkadei TeaPrice On Selection
Indulge in the rich, aromatic delight of our tantalizingly brewed Karak tea, infusing your senses with its irresistible flavors and creamy, frothy goodness.
Price On Selection
Arabic Coffee
A traditional brew made from premium coffee beans, infused with fragrant cardamom and served in a small cup with dates for a sweet and spicy treat.
Price On Selection
Krak SaffronPrice On Selection
Zattar TeaPrice On Selection
HorlicksPrice On Selection
Ice KarkadeQAR 12
NescafePrice On Selection

Karak Mqanes Speciality Coffee Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Double Espresso
A bold and double-intense flavor of our freshly brewed espresso.
QAR 14
Made with freshly brewed espresso and hot water, it’s the perfect choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a strong and robust taste.
QAR 14
Indulge in a smooth Cortado with rich coffee and creamy milk, crafted from freshly brewed espresso and steamed milk topped with delicate foam
QAR 17
Flat White
Made with a double shot of espresso and steamed milk, it’s a perfect balance of strength and creaminess that will keep you going throughout the day.
QAR 17
Made with espresso and steamed milk creating a rich, velvety taste.
QAR 17
Made with espresso and steamed milk, it’s the perfect way to start your day or take a break during the day.
QAR 17
Iced Latte
Made with rich espresso, milk, and ice, it’s the perfect way to cool down and refresh yourself during the hot summer days, or any time you crave a refreshing coffee.
QAR 18
Pistachio Latte ColdQAR 21
Pistachio Latte
Made with espresso shots, steamed milk, and pistachio syrup for a delightful and satisfying coffee experience.
QAR 21
Mocha HotQAR 18
Caramel Latte
A velvety and smooth blend of espresso and steamed milk, topped with a luscious swirl of caramel sauce, delivers a heavenly and indulgent treat for your taste buds.
QAR 19
Hot Chocolate
Made with rich cocoa powder, it’s the perfect treat when you just want to indulge in something sweet.
QAR 18
Spanish Latte
Made with espresso, steamed milk, and a touch of cinnamon
Price On Selection
Iced Mocha
Elevate your coffee game with the rich and creamy blend of espresso, chocolate, and milk in our Iced Mocha, the perfect treat to cool you down and perk you up on a hot day.
QAR 17

Karak Mqanes Cold Drinks Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
7 Up MixPrice On Selection
Rose Latte ColdQAR 20
Energy Drink Red Berry CanQAR 23
Energy Drink WatermelonPrice On Selection
Energy Drink MixPrice On Selection
Oreo Milk ShakeQAR 15
Milk ShakePrice On Selection
Energy DrinkPrice On Selection
Energy Drink with IcePrice On Selection
7 up Price On Selection
Orange JuicePrice On Selection
MocktailPrice On Selection
Soft drinks Price On Selection
Watermelon JuicePrice On Selection
Pineapple juicePrice On Selection
Lemon Mint JuicePrice On Selection
Orange mix juicePrice On Selection
Lemonade 79Price On Selection

Karak Mqanes Sweet Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Sweet Al Jassasiya With LotusQAR 15
Sweet Al Jassasiya With PistachioQAR 17
Is a thin, delicate pancake that can be filled with a variety of choices.
Price On Selection
Delight in fluffy clouds of perfection, our Pancakes are crafted to golden perfection, boasting a delectable blend of lightness and indulgence that will have you craving more.
Price On Selection
Saffron CakeQAR 16
Honey Cake
Experience the sweet, warm flavors of home with our Honey Cake, crafted with layers of tender sponge cake infused with the aromatic richness of honey and spices, for a comforting indulgence that will transport you to a cozy autumn day.
QAR 23
Crunchy and lightly sweetened breakfast cereal made from toasted flakes of corn.
QAR 10
Experience our soft and chewy cookies are the perfect combination of sweet and satisfying, with a variety of mouthwatering flavors to choose from that will leave you craving for more.
Sweet AlghafQAR 8

Karak Mqanes Mqanes Market Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Dallah With Karak 1 LitreQAR 70
Dallah With Karak 1.5 LitreQAR 90
Dallah With Saffron Milk 1 LQAR 75
Dallah With Arabic Coffee1.5 LitreQAR 100
Dallah With Saffron Milk 1.5 LitreQAR 95
Dallah Red Tea 1.5 LitreQAR 85
Dallah Arabic Coffee 1LQAR 85
Stainless Cup 1QAR 40
Stainless Cup 2QAR 40
Dallah Red Tea 1LQAR 65

Karak Mqanes Signature Qatar Address and Operating Hours

Karak Mqanes Signature

Address – 23 Porto Arabia Drive, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours

Friday7 AM–1 AM
Saturday7 AM–11:30 PM
Sunday7 AM–11:30 PM
Monday7 AM–11:30 PM
Tuesday7 AM–11:30 PM
Wednesday7 AM–11:30 PM
Thursday7 AM–1 AM

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