Indian Coffee House Doha Menu

Welcome to the Indian Coffee House restaurant in Qatar, where you can experience a taste of India in the heart of the Middle East. This restaurant serves you with delicious food and aromatic coffees. The Indian Coffee Hours Menu takes you on a culinary journey to India. It has traditional Indian dishes from different states of India.

It has everything from appetizers like crispy samosas and tangy chaat to a main course where you will find aromatic biryanis, rich curries, and succulent tandoori kebabs. Not only food but Indian coffee house is also known for its selection of beverages. The menu also features a range of refreshing teas, cool shakes, and lassi – the quintessential Indian yoghurt-based drink and much more.

Here we have updated the Indian Coffee House Qatar Menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Indian Coffee House.

At the end of the post, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Indian Coffee House Qatar. Don’t forget to visit Indian Coffee House.

Indian Coffee House Arabic Special

Menu ItemAED Price
Grilled PrawnsAED40.00
Chicken charcoal(Pepper)AED23.00 – AED38.00
Chicken charcoal(Green chilli)AED23.00 – AED38.00
HummusAED5.00 – AED10.00
Chicken kebabAED22.00
Chicken TikkaAED22.00
Mutton TikkaAED22.00
Mutton KebabAED22.00
Mixed GrillAED40.00 – AED90.00
Chicken charcoal (Red chilli)AED23.00 – AED38.00
Chicken charcoal (Normal)AED23.00 – AED38.00

Indian Coffee House Breads

Menu ItemAER Price
Egg AppamAED3.00
Garlic NannAED3.00
Tandoori ParathaAED2.00
Stuffed KulchaAED3.50
Butter KulchaAED3.00
Coin ParathaAED2.00
Wheat PuttuAED2.00
Ney PathiriAED2.00

Indian Coffee House Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemAER Price
Filling OmletteAED8.00
Egg RoastAED4.00 – AED8.00
Egg CurryAED4.00 – AED8.00
Green Peas CurryAED4.00 – AED8.00
Bhaji CurryAED4.00 – AED8.00
Kadala CurryAED4.00 – AED8.00
Cherupayar CurryAED4.00 – AED8.00
Poori BhajiAED6.00
Idly VadaAED5.00
Vada SetAED4.00
Idly SetAED4.00
Masala UthappamAED5.00
Onion UthappamAED5.00
Egg DosaAED6.00
Wheat Dosa SetAED4.00
Ghee RoastAED4.00
Masala DosaAED5.00

Indian Coffee House Burger and Sandwiches Menu

Menu ItemAER Price
French FriesAED5.00 – AED8.00
Cheese and Egg ClubAED10.00
Club SpecialAED14.00
Club SandwichesAED12.00
Double BurgerAED12.00
Royal BurgerAED10.00
Double Zinker BurgerAED10.00
ICH Special BurgerAED12.00
Tandoori BurgerAED8.00
Chicken Fillet BurgerAED8.00

Indian Coffee House Shawarma

Menu ItemAER Price
Chicken Shawarma RollAED5.00
Chicken Shawarma PlateAED20.00

Indian Coffee House Salad

Menu ItemAER Price
Salad in FruitsAED12.00
Honey Mint Winter SaladAED12.00
Macrooni SaladAED10.00
Russian SaladAED10.00
Tossen SaladAED8.00
Green saladAED8.00
Green Mango SaladAED18.00

Indian Coffee House Soups

Menu ItemAER Price
Seafood Kayal SoupAED14.00
Hot & Sour SoupAED10.00 – AED12.00
Sweet Corn SoupAED10.00 – AED12.00
Nadan Mutton soupAED12.00
Manchow SoupAED10.00 – AED12.00
Cream Of SoupAED12.00 – AED14.00

Indian Coffee House Starters

Menu ItemAER Price
Dragon ChickenAED20.00
Manavatty ChickenAED35.00
Chicken LollypopAED16.00
Thattukada ChickenAED20.00
Golden Fried PrawnsAED25.00
ICH Special TikkaAED28.00
Crispy Fried ChickenAED18.00
Baby Corn ChillyAED18.00
Squid Dry FryAED22.00

Indian Coffee House Street Chat

Menu ItemAER Price
Khasta KachoriAED8.00
Vada PavAED6.00
Aloo Chana ChatAED8.00
Corn BhelAED10.00
Papadi ChatAED7.00
Bhel PuriAED7.00
Sev PuriAED7.00
Masala PuriAED7.00
Pani PuriAED7.00

Indian Coffee House Chai Corner

Menu ItemAER Price
Sulaimani TeaAED1.00
Mint TeaAED1.50
Lime TeaAED1.50
Green TeaAED1.50
Podi ChayaAED3.00
Nadan CoffeeAED3.00
Sadha TeaAED1.00
Samovar TeaAED2.00
Parippu VadaAED2.00
Ulli VadaAED1.50
Undan PoriAED1.50
Aloo BondaAED2.00
Cutlet (VEG / CHI )AED2.00
Bun NirachathuAED2.00
Erachi pathiriAED3.00
Sweet AdaAED2.00
Pazham NirachathuAED4.00
Pazaam PoriAED1.50

Indian Coffee House Chinese Cuisine

Menu ItemAER Price
Garlic ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Ginger ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chilly ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Sweet Sour ChickenAED13.00 – AED20.00
Schezwan ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chicken ManchurianAED12.00 – AED20.00
Garlic BeefAED16.00
Beef ManchurianAED16.00
Dragon BeefAED18.00
Baby Corn ManchurianAED15.00
Chilli GobiAED13.00
Chilly PaneerAED14.00
Mushroom ManchurianAED15.00
Gobi ManchurianAED14.00
Ginger BeefAED16.00
Chilly BeefAED16.00
Veg NoodlesAED12.00
Squid ChillyAED22.00
Fish ManchurianAED20.00
Schezwan Chicken NoodlesAED16.00
Prawns ManchurianAED26.00
Mixed NoodlesAED20.00
Chilly PranwsAED25.00
Garlic prawnsAED25.00
Prawns NoodlesAED18.00
Garlic FishAED18.00
Egg NoodlesAED14.00
Chicken NoodlesAED15.00
Veg Fried RiceAED12.00
Schezwan Chicken Fried RiceAED16.00
Mixed Fried RiceAED20.00
Prawns Fried RiceAED18.00
Egg Fried RiceAED14.00
Chicken Fried RiceAED15.00

Indian Coffee House Kerala Kitchen

Menu ItemAER Price
Ghee RiceAED8.00
Vegetable BiriyaniAED12.00
Duck MappasAED25.00
Kaada BiriyaniAED22.00
Duck MasalaAED25.00
Duck RoastAED25.00
Prawns BiriyaniAED20.00
Mutton Coconut FryAED20.00
King Fish BiriyaniAED16.00
Mutton StewAED20.00
Mutton BiriyaniAED18.00
Mutton RoastAED18.00
Mutton VarutharachathuAED20.00
Plain RiceAED6.00
Chicken BiryaniAED15.00
Nadan Kozhi PorichathuAED10.00 – AED20.00
Nadan Kozhi VarutharachathuAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chatty ChoruAED15.00
Chicken RoastAED12.00 – AED20.00
Veg MealsAED10.00
Chicken StewAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chicken 65AED12.00 – AED20.00
Natholi Dry FryAED12.00 – AED18.00`
Fish Curry mealsAED10.00
Chicken ChettinaduAED12.00 – AED20.00
King Fish MulakittathuAED8.00 – AED15.00
Chicken VarattiyathuAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chicken Cheriyuli RoastAED15.00 – AED25.00
Nadan Shapu CurryAED20.00 – AED30.00
Prawns Chilly CurryAED30.00
Prawns VarattiyathuAED22.00
Prawns Tawa GrillAED25.00
Chicken Chatti CurryAED20.00 – AED30.00
Prawns Dry FryAED22.00
Gobi 65AED14.00
Tomato FryAED10.00
Nadan Veg CurryAED12.00
Crab VarattiyathuAED30.00
Veg StewAED12.00
Hamour Tawa Grill( Red, Green)AED35.00
Mushroom VarattiyathuAED16.00
Beef KizhiAED20.00
Prawns MasalaAED24.00
Kattu Pothu VarattiyathuAED35.00
Squid VarattiyathuAED22.00
King Fish VarattiyathuAED17.00
Beef Achayan CurryAED8.00 – AED16.00
ICH Special Fish CurryAED20.00
Pepper BeefAED18.00

Indian Coffee House North Indian

Menu ItemAER Price
Reshmi kebabAED18.00
Malai kebabAED16.00
Curd RiceAED12.00
ICH Special PlatterAED40.00
Paneer PulaoAED15.00
Veg PulaoAED12.00
Chicken pulaoAED14.00
Jeera RiceAED12.00
Mutton Sheek KebabAED16.00
Fish TikkaAED20.00
Hariyali KebabAED15.00
Chicken TikkaAED15.00
Kalmi KebabAED16.00
Tandoor ChickenAED16.00 – AED25.00
Navarathna KurumaAED16.00
Punjabi VegAED15.00
Dal ThadkaAED12.00
Dal MakhaniAED12.00
Dal fryAED10.00
Dum Aloo KashmiriAED15.00
Aloo GobiAED12.00
Gobi MasalaAED12.00
Bhindi MasalaAED12.00
Veg JaipuriAED13.00
Plain PalakAED12.00
Palak PaneerAED16.00
Paneer muttErAED14.00
Paneer Butter masalaAED15.00
Kadai MushroomAED13.00
Kadai VegAED13.00
Kadai paneerAED15.00
Chicken KurumaAED12.00 – AED20.00
Hyderabadi ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Palak ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Punjabi ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Chicken Do-PyazaAED14.00 – AED22.00
Mutton RoganjoshAED20.00
Mugalai ChickenAED14.00 – AED22.00
Mutton KadaiAED20.00
Kadai ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Mutton stewAED20.00
Chicken Tikka MasalaAED14.00 – AED22.00
Pepper ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Mutton MasalaAED18.00
Mutton PepperAED18.00
Kadai ChickenAED12.00 – AED20.00
Mutton DO-PyazaAED18.00
Mutton MugalaiAED18.00

Indian Coffee House Drinks

Menu ItemAER Price
Pista / Dry FruitAED12.00
Mango ShakeAED8.00 – AED12.00
CocktailAED8.00 – AED12.00
Tender Coconut ShakeAED15.00
Sharjah ShakeAED8.00 – AED12.00
Avocado ShakeAED8.00 – AED12.00
Chikoo ShakeAED8.00 – AED12.00
Apple ShakeAED8.00 – AED12.00
Rising SunAED14.00
Cocktail KuwaitiAED14.00
Abood JuiceAED14.00
Burj Al Arab JuiceAED14.00
Thabakath JuiceAED14.00
Grape JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Carrot JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Mango JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Watermelon JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Pineapple JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Banana JuiceAED7.00 – AED9.00
Avocado JuiceAED8.00 – AED12.00
Orange JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Apple JuiceAED9.00 – AED12.00
Lemon MintAED7.00 – AED9.00
Fresh LimeAED6.00 – AED8.00
Kulukki SarbathAED10.00
Nannari SarbathAED8.00
Carrot Halwa with Ice CreamAED12.00
Gulab Jam with Ice CreamAED12.00
Falooda with Ice CreamAED15.00
Fruit Salad with choice of Ice CreamAED12.00
Masala LassiAED6.00
Chocolate LassiAED8.00
Mango LassiAED8.00

Indian Coffee House Ice Creams

Menu ItemAER Price
Royal ICH FaloodaAED15.00
Butter Scotch Ice CreamAED6.00 – AED12.00
Strawberry Ice CreamAED5.00 – AED10.00
KulfiAED6.00 – AED12.00
Chocolate Ice CreamAED5.00 – AED10.00
Vanilla Ice CreamAED5.00 – AED10.00

Indian Coffee House Location and Operating Hours

Indian Coffee House

Address: Ibn Al Arqam St, Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours

Tuesday7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday7 AM–12 AM
Thursday7 AM–1 AM
Friday7 AM–1 AM
Saturday7 AM–12 AM
Sunday7 AM–12 AM
Monday7 AM–12 AM

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