Leadership and its importance - Part 2
2K views · Aug 25, 2022
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Welcome to part 2 of Leadership and its importance.

There are thousands of books and millions of web pages available on the topic of leadership. This implies that the topic itself has much importance in people’s lives. 

In this video, we have tried to give a brief overview of leadership to help you in understanding leadership from different aspects. 

In these busy times, no one has spare time to read books of hundreds of pages. Especially those who are or want to be in a leading position in near future. 

Therefore, we have tried to keep things as concise as possible. We have taken the questions and answers approach for this video. Tried to answer every question that you might have related to leadership. 

Important note: This video is made without gender bias ness. For ease, we just take a masculine image of a leader. However, a leader can be male or female or both.

We hope that you after watching this video, you will realize leadership and its importance.

Watch part  here:

00:00 Q 5: What qualities a leader must have?
01:58 Q 6: Can leadership skills be learned?
02:53 Q 7: Leadership styles - Which one to choose?

Translated titles:
El liderazgo y su importancia-Parte 2

Führung und ihre Bedeutung-Teil 2

नेतृत्व और उसका महत्व-भाग 2

القيادة وأهميتها-الجزء الثاني

领导力及其重要性-第 2 部分

Pamumuno at kahalagahan nito-Bahagi 2

നേതൃത്വവും അതിന്റെ പ്രാധാന്യവും-ഭാഗ

Лидерство и его важность-Часть 2

قیادت اور اس کی اہمیت-حصہ 2
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