How to get FIFA Souvenir Tickets of 2022 Qatar World Cup

Did you attend the matches in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup 2022? Would you like to have a tangible ticket as an everlasting reminder of that unforgettable event? If so, then now is your chance. Mobile ticket holders can make an application with FIFA for physical tickets from Qatar 2022 World Cup as souvenirs. Here is the procedure.

What is a souvenir ticket?

A souvenir ticket is a tangible, customized match ticket that FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 mobile ticket holders can buy for the match(es) they have watched live at the stadium.

Where to buy a souvenir ticket

By the end of January 2023, people who have acquired mobile tickets for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be able to purchase memento ticket(s) for the competition they have attended. To do so, the principal ticket buyer needs to go on and log in to their FIFA account to buy souvenir tickets for themselves and their guest(s).

FIFA ticketing portal is the only souvenir tickets sales channel.

Eligibility to buy a souvenir ticket

Only people who have a mobile ticket for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be able to purchase commemorative tickets for themselves and their guests through FIFA ticketing accounts on It is not allowed for guests to buy souvenir tickets independently. 

The individuals information, comprising of the holders’ names cannot be changed for the souvenir ticket.

Price of Qatar 2022 souvenir ticket

The cost of every memento ticket is established at ten (10) QAR, and all tickets under a single application number will be printed out. The total cost is computed as ten (10) QAR multiplied by the amount of tickets with the same request number.

For instance, if an initial ticket purchaser bought five tickets within a given ticket application (one for themselves and four for their guests), all five tickets will be printed. In this case, the cost would be fifty (50) QAR.

World Cup Souvenir tickets delivery

Souvenir tickets will be sent through standard mail, beginning at the end of February 2023 or early March 2023. Tickets will be delivered to the address you have listed in your FIFA ticketing profile. Delivery is anticipated to take approximately one month, so you should get your souvenir ticket(s) by late March 2023 or start of April 2023. Shipping costs are included in the price of the souvenir tickets.

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