How to check Visa status in Qatar

Qatar is an Arab Country whose terrain comprises deserts, Beaches, and Dunes. With more than 4 million tourists visiting in 2023, Qatar has been a center for many tourists. The place is known to hold Major global concerts and shows, International sports events, Jobs, and much more.

The first and foremost thing you need when you plan to visit Qatar is to know the steps to apply for a Qatar visa and How to check its status.

Qatar provides visa-free entry and stays for up to 30 days. Out of around 193 countries in the world 90+ countries citizens don’t require a visa to enter Qatar. Also, Qatar provides Visa on arrival and Evisa options to many countries.

Citizens from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), like Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates enjoy visa-free entry to Qatar.

Things/Requirements You Should Have Before Applying for a Qatar Visa

Please keep the below documents checklist handy for a smooth and successful visa application process.

  1. Passport: Valid passport with 6 months validity from your intended stay in Qatar and a minimum of 3 blank pages
  2. Application Form: Visa Application to be filled out accurately and completely. The visa application form can be found easily online (checking visa type as per nationality) is recommended.
  3. Proof of Accommodation: Hotel reservation or Letter of Invitation if staying with family or friends.
  4. Flight Tickets: As per your intended duration of stay, You should have ReturnRound Trip flight tickets.
  5. Sufficient Funds: Having Adequate funds in your account that can cover your expenses during your stay in Qatar.
  6. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance is not mandatory; insurance is advisable in emergencies.
  7. Visa Fees: Depending on the countries the visa fees may vary.

How to Check Visa Status in Qatar

Qatar visa status can be checked via multiple options and it is a quick and easy online process. Applicants can check their status through their Passport Number, Application, or Reference Number.

Follow the below to check your visa status,

Step 1- Open the Qatar Ministry of Interior’s official website or you can click the below button for quick reference.

Step 2 – Click on “Visa Inquiry and Printing”

Step 3 – Enter your Passport Number or Visa Number, Select Nationality, and Enter the Verification Code. Click submit.

After clicking submit you will be directed to the page with your visa status details. By Following the above steps you can check your visa status irrespective of Visa type or Nationality.

What to do if your Visa is invalid

  1. Check visa validity dates and ensure it falls under your intended stay.
  2. Passport validity should be six months from your intended days of stay, Failing the same would result in an Invalid visa.
  3. Check on the official Qatar ministry website for verification.
  4. Diplomatic relations may also affect visa validity. It is recommended to check updates from official sources.

How to check Qatar visa status on the QVC website

Apart from the Ministry of Interior (MOI), the Citizens of Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Philippines, and Bangladesh can check their visa status on the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) website.

Follow the below steps to check your visa status on the QVC website

Step 1 – Open the Qatar Visa Center (QVC) website or Click on the button below:

Step 2 – Select your Preferred Language and Country of Origin.

Step 3 – Select “Track Application”

Step 4 – Enter your Passport Number / Visa Number and Captcha Code. Click on “Submit” to check your Visa Status

By Following the above details Applicants can easily apply and track their visa status.

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