Your guide to MOI Traffic violation in Qatar

Qatar is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, primarily because of the careful and stringent law enforcement by the government. However, the laws and procedures are made as simple as possible. For example, you can check traffic fines online in a matter of minutes.

Sometimes while in a hurry, you may cross the speed limit and doubt whether it was captured by the speed radar or hidden traffic police cameras or you may inadvertently violate any other traffic rule. Normally, an SMS is sent to the registered number of the vehicle owner but if you are using a leased vehicle, then you should regularly check online to avail early payment 50% discount.

Check MOI traffic violations in Qatar from MOI portal system

To check traffic speed limit or other violations online, follow the below steps:

1- Visit the Ministry of Interior (MOI) official website:

2- Click on Inquiries

moi traffic violations qatar

3- Click on Traffic Inquiries on the left navigation

traffic violations qatar check

4- Click on Traffic Violations to check traffic violations

checking traffic violations in qatar

5- Fill the form and click submit

moi qatar

A pop up window will open with the list of your traffic violations which will show details like place, time, date, violation description, points deducted and fine amount. There is option to print the report.

moi traffic violations


Note: You can inquire traffic violation by any of the below options:

  • Vehicle number
  • Foreign vehicle number
  • Qatar ID (RP) number
  • Company ID number

We hope no violations were registered on your vehicle.

Moi Traffic infographic
infographic created through visme

How to pay for traffic violations

In case you got any violations, you may pay it through Metrash app or online by visiting the below link:

1- Click on Traffic Services

screenshot - moi qatar - traffic services

2- Select Traffic Violations and Accidents

screenshot - moi qatar - traffic violations and accidents

3- Click on Traffic Violations

screenshot - moi qatar - radar violations

NOTE: You need to be logged in to pay the traffic violations through above procedure. User can login through smart card or Qatar Digital Identity.

Qatar Digital identity “QDI” is a mobile app from ministry of interior – State of Qatar.

QDI is an app that provides digital identity to be used to increase the trust in the electronic transactions.

QDI will be the tool to make digital signing for electronic transactions and an identification to log to government portals and access electronic gates.

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