Here is how to celebrate Pakistan Day 2022 in Qatar

On 23rd March 1940, the Muslims of the subcontinent had resolved to achieve a separate homeland for themselves and then set out to actually achieve it within a short span of seven years.

Every year, Pakistanis celebrate 23rd March as this auspicious day symbolizes the expression of the collective will of the Muslims of the subcontinent and is a testament to their unity and unwavering resolve.

Good News for Pakistanis in Qatar

For Pakistanis living in Qatar looking to celebrate this day, there is a good news!

Pakistan Embassy in Qatar has arranged to decorate Sheraton Hotel (Corniche, Doha) with Pakistan flag color lights.

These white and green color lights reflecting Pakistan flag will keep glowing on 23rd March from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Here is the official press release from Pakistan Embassy in Qatar:

Enjoy Pakistan Day in Pakistani Restaurants

After viewing the lights, take your family to any of the Pakistani Restaurants to enjoy the desi meal. Here is our recommendation for some of the famous Pakistani Restaurants.

Spice and Sizzle

Zaoq and Ziafat

Punjab Restaurant

Al Qaim Restaurant

Khan Baba Restaurant

New Shan-e-Lahore Restaurant

Our heartiest felicitations to all fellow Pakistanis residing in the brotherly State of Qatar.

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Post update:

Here is how Pakistan flag was project on the hotel building:

pakistan day

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