Fahes Ramadan Timings 2023 – Woqod Fahes Opening Hours

Qatar Fuel (Woqod) has announced the 2023 Ramadan timings for Fahes Vehicle inspection.

The timings are same as last year. Last year timings were from 6 am to 4 pm.

fahes ramadan timings 2023
Official press release on Woqod Fahes Website

Fahes Ramadan Timings 2023

  • Al Mazrouaah: from 6am to 4pm, gate closure at 3.30pm
  • Wadi Al Banat / Mesaimeer: from 6am to 4pm, gate closure at 3.30pm
  • Al Shahaniya / Al Egda: from 6am to 4pm, gate closure at 3.30pm
  • Al Wakra / AI Wukair: from 6am to 4pm, gate closure at 3.30pm
  • Mobile Inspection Unit 2 & 4 (Madinat Al Shamal/External): from 7am until 12noon, gate closure 15 minutes before the ending time.    

Download 2023 Ramadan calendar:


Last year Fahes Ramadan Timings (tweet by Woqod)

About Woqod Fahes Inspection

Woqod Fahes Inspection is a vehicle inspection service in Qatar. The main aim of Woqod Fahes Inspection is to ensure that all vehicles on the roads in Qatar meet the required safety standards and are environmentally friendly.

The inspection process involves a comprehensive check of the vehicle’s systems and components, such as the engine, brakes, suspension, steering, and emissions. Vehicles that pass the inspection are issued a certificate of conformity, which is a requirement for registration and renewal of vehicle registration in Qatar.

Woqod Fahes Inspection has several inspection centers located throughout Qatar, making it easy for vehicle owners to get their vehicles inspected. The service is available to both private and commercial vehicles, and the fees charged are in line with the standards set by the government of Qatar.

Overall, Woqod Fahes Inspection plays an important role in ensuring road safety and protecting the environment in Qatar.

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