Chef Pillai Restaurant Menu Qatar Price 2023

Chef Pillai Restaurant is renowned by Indian chef Suresh Pillai. The restaurant serves authentic Kerala cuisine. They offer both vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes. The menu features traditional and modern Indian cuisine prepared with passion. Guests can also enjoy various drinks and cocktails to complement the meal. You can get some of Pillai’s signature dishes like Naimeen Nirvana, Chicken Nirvana, Prawn Moili Pasta, Kerala Toddy, etc.

Every dish on the menu is carefully crafted with fresh ingredients and ensures that each bite has an authentic taste. They offer unique dishes like Kuthari Choru, Quilon Fried Chicken, Chicken Kondattom, Idiappam, Kerala Kachumber, etc.

Here we have updated the complete menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Chef Pillai Restaurant & Talabat. At the end of the article, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Chef Pillai Restaurant Qatar.

Chef Pillai Restaurant Most Selling Dishes

Menu ItemQAR Price
Kuthari ChoruQAR 6
Ellum KappayumQAR 22
Nei ChoruQAR 10
Kappa ThalichathuQAR 10
Travancore Chicken RoastQAR 32
Halwa Unniappam FaloodaQAR 25

Chef Pillai Restaurant Vegetarian Starters

Menu ItemQAR Price
Tenga Manga Pattani SundalQAR 10
Koonu Macroni PoriyalQAR 12
Perakka MangaQAR 12
Pazham Pori ChatQAR 16
Paalkatti Corn Devilled SauceQAR 20
Watermelon SambalQAR 13
Urulai RoastQAR 15

Chef Pillai Restaurant Non-Vegetarian Starters

Menu ItemQAR Price
Quilon Fried ChickenQAR 25
Inji Puli Chicken WingsQAR 22
Chicken KondattomQAR 22
Beef Dry FryQAR 25
Chemeen kochulli perattuQAR 28
Ellum KappayumQAR 22
Meen Thenga PorippuQAR 25
Chemmeen VaruvalQAR 25
Venadu Pal KonjuQAR 28
Naimeen Tawa FryQAR 32

Chef Pillai Restaurant Vegetarian Mains

Menu ItemQAR Price
Potato Beans StewQAR 18
Mushroom Pepper RoastQAR 20
Kondattam Moru KuzhambuQAR 20
Baby Corn Vendakya Manga MurinjakkaQAR 20
Ulli TheeyalQAR 25
Konganadu MushroomQAR 20
Vegetable KormaQAR 18

Chef Pillai Restaurant Non-Vegetarian Mains

Menu ItemQAR Price
Roast MuttaQAR 18
Chemmeen Manga CurryQAR 40
Boatman Fish CurryQAR 35
Kollam Attirachi CurryQAR 35
Attirachi StewQAR 35
Chayakada Beef CurryQAR 32
Srilankan Crab CurryQAR 40
Veettile Kozhi CurryQAR 35
Travancore Chicken RoastQAR 32
Chettinad ChickenQAR 35
Karakkudi Mutton ChukkaQAR 38
Naimeen MolieeQAR 38
Roast BeefQAR 32
Kuttanad Duck RoastQAR 32
Goan Crab RoastQAR 40
Beef Coconut Pepper FryQAR 30
Naimeen PollichathuQAR 35
Ashtamudi Fish CurryQAR 35

Chef Pillai Restaurant Chef Signature Dishes

Menu ItemQAR Price
Naimeen NirvanaQAR 50
Chicken NirvanaQAR 45
Paneer NirvanaQAR 40
Prawn Moili PastaQAR 45

Chef Pillai Restaurant Accompaniments and Rice Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
IdiappamQAR 2
Malabar Nool PorottaQAR 4
AppamQAR 3
Kerala KachumberQAR 5
Kuthari ChoruQAR 6
Steamed BasmatiQAR 6
Nei ChoruQAR 10
Kappa ThalichathuQAR 10
Executive Lunch BoxQAR 15
Ghee Rice Beef ComboQAR 22
Chatti ChoruQAR 25
Pothi ChoruQAR 22
Ghee Rice Chicken ComboQAR 22
Appam Chicken ComboQAR 22
Appam Beef ComboQAR 22
Porotta – Chicken ComboQAR 22
Porotta Beef ComboQAR 22
Idiappam Chicken ComboQAR 22
Idiappam Beef ComboQAR 22
Kappa Fish Curry ComboQAR 22
Wheat PorottaQAR 4
Chicken ThalasseryQAR 25

Chef Pillai Restaurant Biriyani Menu Chef Pillai Restaurant Desserts

Menu ItemQAR Price
VattalappamQAR 16
Tender Coconut PuddingQAR 18
Palada Cheese CakeQAR 22
Halwa Unniappam FaloodaQAR 25

Chef Pillai Restaurant Beverages

Menu ItemQAR Price
Kerala ToddyQAR 20
Green DreamQAR 16
Rain ForestQAR 16
Spiced SouqQAR 16
Virgin PinacoladoQAR 16
Fresh Water Melon JuiceQAR 14
Mint LimeQAR 8

Chef Pillai Restaurant Doha Location

Restaurant Chef Pillai is situated on Al Harith Bin Omair Street, Salwa Road, Doha – Qatar. (close to Zaitoon Restaurant).

Monday12 pm–12 am
Tuesday12 pm–12 am
Wednesday12 pm–12 am
Thursday12 pm–12 am
Friday12 pm–12 am
Saturday12 pm–12 am
Sunday12 pm–12 am

Chef Pillai Restaurant serves authentic Kerala flavors dishes. They offer a variety of veg and non-veg dishes. They offer party catering services such as birthday parties, corporate functions, or any family get-together. So next time you find yourself in Qatar, surely visit Chef Pillai Restaurant– you will love it!

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