Burger King Menu Qatar Price 2023

Have you ever craved a juicy, mouthwatering burger that satisfies your hunger? Look no further than Burger King Qatar and its delicious menu. One of the highlights of the Burger King Qatar menu is their signature Whopper burger. They also offer chicken burgers, sandwiches, celebration meals, kids meals, sides, and desserts. Each bite is a burst of flavor that will satisfy your taste buds. Let’s not forget about their vegetarian options. The veggie whopper is made with a plant-based patty.

Here we have updated the Burger King Qatar Menu with prices. Prices & pictures are taken from the official websites of Burger King and Talabat.

At the end of the article, we have uploaded the address and the operating hours of Burger King. Visit the nearest branch and try their mouthwatering dish – your taste buds will thank you!

Burger King Qatar Menu

We are categorizing the menu as See What’s New, Celebration Meal, XXL Your Way Meal, XXL Your Way Sandwich, Chicken Your Meal, Whopper Your Way, Kids Club Meals, Vegetables Meals, Side Orders, Lite Your Way, Drinks, Desserts Your Way & Everyday Value Deal.

Burger King Qatar See What’s New Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Double Paneer whopper mealQAR 22
Double Paneer whopper sandwichQAR 17
Big Celebration MealQAR 75
King Crisp Meal BoxQAR 19
King Whopper Jr Meal BoxQAR 19
King Paneer Meal BoxQAR 19
King Tenders Meal BoxQAR 19

Burger King Qatar Celebration Meal Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Triple Treat MealQAR 49
5 Kings for 50 QRQAR 50
Shareable Family MealQAR 59
Junior Party MealQAR 69
Chicken Lover’s MealQAR 79
King’s Premium MealQAR 89
Party Mix MealQAR 99
Big Celebration MealQAR 75

Burger King Qatar XXL Your Way Meal Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Big King XXL MealQAR 26
Double Mushroom Swiss MealQAR 28
Steakhouse Burger MealQAR 25
Triple Whopper MealQAR 28

Burger King Qatar XXL Your Way Sandwich Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Big King XXL SandwichQAR 18
Double Mushroom Swiss SandwichQAR 20
Steakhouse Burger SandwichQAR 17
Triple Whopper SandwichQAR 20

Burger King Qatar Chicken Your Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Royale MealQAR 26
Chicken Whopper MealQAR 24
King Chicken Fillet MealQAR 26
Chicken Crisp MealQAR 19
Texas Chicken MealQAR 26
Chicken Tenders Meal [10 Pieces]QAR 21
Chicken Steakhouse Burger MealQAR 25
Chicken Royale Jalapeno MealQAR 27
Chicken Mushroom Grill MealQAR 26
Chicken Royale SandwichQAR 18
Chicken Steakhouse Burger SandwichQAR 17
Chicken Royale Jalapeno SandwichQAR 19
Chicken Whopper SandwichQAR 16
Chicken Mushroom Grill SandwichQAR 18
Chicken Crisp SandwichQAR 11
King Chicken Fillet SandwichQAR 18
Texas Chicken SandwichQAR 18

Burger King Qatar Whopper Your Way Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Double Whopper MealQAR 26
Double Mushroom Swiss MealQAR 28
Double Quarter Pound King MealQAR 26
Single Mushroom Swiss MealQAR 25
Texas Beef MealQAR 26
Whopper MealQAR 22
Whopper Jr MealQAR 19
Double Whopper SandwichQAR 18
Double Mushroom Swiss SandwichQAR 20
Double Quarter Pound King SandwichQAR 18
Texas Beef SandwichQAR 18
Single Mushroom Swiss SandwichQAR 17
Whopper SandwichQAR 14
Whopper Jr SandwichQAR 11

Burger King Qatar Kids Club Meals Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Burger Kids MealQAR 12
Cheese Burger Kids MealQAR 11
Chicken Tenders Kids MealQAR 10

Burger King Qatar Vegetables Meals Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Paneer Burger Meal (Veg.Burger)QAR 19
Spicy Paneer Whopper MealQAR 20
Paneer Burger Sandwich (Veg. Burger)QAR 11
Spicy Paneer Whopper SandwichQAR 12

Burger King Qatar Side Orders Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Curly FriesQAR 8
French FriesQAR 7
Mozzarella Sticks [3 Pieces]QAR 10
Onion RingsQAR 7
Potato WedgesQAR 7
Chicken Fries [9 Pieces]QAR 10

Burger King Qatar Lite Your Way Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
King Chicken SaladQAR 15
King Garden SaladQAR 10

Burger King Qatar Drinks Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
MilkshakesQAR 10
Coca ColaQAR 7
Fanta OrangeQAR 7
SpriteQAR 7
juiceQAR 2

Burger King Qatar Desserts Your Way Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Apple PieQAR 6

Burger King Qatar Everyday Value Deal Menu

Menu ItemQAR Price
Chicken Royale Meal + Chicken Tender (5pc)QAR 20
Whopper Sandwich + Chicken Royale sandwich + 2 Coca-ColaQAR 25

Burger King Qatar Locations & Operating Hours

AddressOperating Hours
7GG5+M3F, C Ring Rd, Doha, QatarOpen 24 hours
8G87+H99, Doha, QatarMonday to Thursday 9 am–12 am
Friday 9–11 am, 12:30 pm–3 am
Saturday 9 am–12 am
Sunday 9 am–3 am
9H92+7X3، Malaga Way, Doha, QatarSaturday to Wednesday 9 am–12:30 am
Thursday 9 am–1:30 am
Friday 9–11 am, 12:30 pm–1:30 am
8FCP+XVR, Khalifa St, Doha, QatarOpen 24 hours
Hamad International Airport Doha, Doha, QatarOpen 24 hours
6FV4+73F، Al Aziziya service St, Doha, QatarSaturday to Thursday 12 pm–1 am
Friday 12:30 pm–1 am
5JH3+6F5, Al Wakra Main St, Al Wakrah, QatarMonday to Sunday 12 pm–12 am
7C73+PXF, Ar-Rayyan, QatarMonday to Sunday 8 am–2 am
Road 1021, Ar-Rayyan, QatarMonday to Wednesday 9 am–12 am
Thursday & Sunday Open 24 hours
Friday & Saturday 9 am–12 am
7G5P+794, Doha, QatarMonday to Thursday & Saturday10 am–3 am
Friday & Sunday 12 pm–2 am
7CVC+53M, Ar-Rayyan, QatarMonday to Sunday 9 am–3 am
9CQR+9GR, QatarMonday to Sunday 12 pm–12 am
6FQX+3Q2, Doha, QatarSaturday to Thursday 12 pm–12 am
Friday 12:30 pm–12 am
48GQ+HC3, Abū Nakẖlah, QatarMonday to Sunday 7 am–12 am
7C4P+CVG, Doha, QatarMonday to Sunday 12 pm–12 am
6FWQ+XP4, Dar Al Sala Mall, Doha, Qatar
7CXW+CJ6, Huwar St, Ar-Rayyan, QatarSaturday to Thursday 10 am–2:30 am
Friday 10–11:30 am, 12:30 pm–2:30 am
2GCX+JM8, Mesaieed, QatarOpen 24 hours
Street 10 industrial, Doha, Qatar
CFH9+2HX, Rawdat Al Hamama, QatarMonday to Sunday 9 am–2 am

Burger King Qatar offers mouthwatering burgers, tempting sides, and refreshing beverages, this establishment will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. So don’t wait any longer – head to Burger King Qatar and experience that will leave you feeling satiated.

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