12 Best places to visit in Qatar

Located in western Asia, Qatar is a place with captivating landscapes and offers uniquely amazing experiences to travelers and residents. The country is very hospitable, and has a beautiful mix of cultural and modern sightseeing places that will make you breathless at the first sight of them! It is a destination which will surely leave you enthralled by its beauty and vivid architecture.

If you are planning a trip to Qatar or looking for inspiration, here are the best places to visit in Qatar:

Doha Corniche

Doha Corniche is a place that will make it difficult for you to differentiate it with reality.  It is a place which has a mix of everything-  parks, restaurants, clubs, and cultural attractions.  If you are on a family vacation, this place has to be on your list.

There are a plethora of things to do both at daytime as well as night time, but the best time to visit Doha Corniche is at the night, as you can get a breathtaking view of the stunning skyline of Doha.

The Doha Skyline at Night

Souq Waqif

Souq Waqif is a old-style marketplace and is a major tourist attraction. It is home to a number of traditional markets and stores and there is so much that you can do here. You will find everything here; from spices, pearls, diamonds, garments, to falcons, handicrafts, and much more. If you visit this place, it will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Sealine (Inland Sea)

best places to visit in Qatar

Qatar is home to some stunning desert landscapes, and a trip to the desert is a must-do for any visitor. Located just 30 mins from the south of Doha, Sealine Beach is the perfect place to get away from the thriving urban life in Qatar. It is magnificent place where the desert meets the sea.

Here you can catch spectacular views and experience a lot of stuff such as camel riding, quad biking, dune bashing, etc. There are a number of tour companies that offer trips into the desert, and you can also explore on your own by renting a car or taking a taxi.

Torch Tower

The Torch is one of the tallest towers in Qatar and is popular for its iconic shape. The tower is built with a height of 984 feet and its design resembles a flame torch.

It has 51 floors and has every amenity that can make one’s visit comfortable and exciting. All of its floors offer unique and stylish accommodation, there are restaurants and pools and a significant beauty – Aspire zone, making the torch tower a hub for tourists.

It is also more of a luxury hotel since it has 163 luxury rooms which are well accommodated with LED TVs, lights and curtain operation, temperature control, online newspaper and also an espresso machine.

The Tower also has some restaurants for brunches and family get together. Some of the best eateries located in this magnificent place are The Flying Carpet and Torch Tea Garden.

Katara- The Cultural Village

Located in the heart of urban Doha, Katara village is a stunning self-styled place which represents Qatar with its architecture. The place hosts many seminars and cultural events promoting artists and their artwork. Although looking at the interior of the place, village would be a bizarre name for it; the place aims at providing cultural awareness in Qatar. You can experience the traditionality and art in one place. It is famous for its cultural events which keep this place engaged and buzzing with people.

National Museum of Qatar

If you are someone who is attracted to history, this place should top your list. The exquisite museum gives life to Qatar’s unique history and is a place where you can revive Qatar’s unique background. It is one of the finest tourist attractions in Doha and was built by an award winning architect named Jean Nouvel. People often mistake the design of the museum for an origami masterpiece since they look so delicate.  The design was inspired from the desert rose crystal and its beauty literally resembles a natural wonder created by some crystals in specific climates.

 The galleries inside the museum are arranged in a chronological order owing to the history of Qatar. It begins with the desert and Persian Gulf, culture of the Bedouins, tribal wars, the establishment and discovery of Qatar, And finally modern Qatar. A visit to this beautiful place will gain you a lot of knowledge about the country’s history.

Museum of Islamic Art

This award-winning museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of Islamic art. It’s a great place to learn more about the art and culture of the region.

The Museum of Islamic Art is an architectural gem influenced by ancient Islamic culture and has unique modern designs engulfed in it. The exterior is plain yet beautiful, but once you enter inside, you will be stunned to see the exquisitely sophisticated designs. It shines light on the Doha Corniche and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Qatar.

Al Karaana Lagoon

Al Karaana Lagoon is surrounded by clear water and is home to a wide range of exotic water animals and birds. The Lagoon offers a calm and serene vibe and its a must visit place for photography enthusiasts and bird watchers.

Al Karaana Lagoon was once home to 10 separate lagoons and is still home to different species of birds (migratory ones as well), wildlife, fish, and flora. The Lagoon is situated 60 Kilometers from southwest Doha.

Yasmine Palace

Located at The Pearl Qatar, Yasmine Palace is a luxury restaurant in Doha specialising in Arabic, Levant, Qatari and Lebanese Cuisine. The palace has four themed restaurants, which define the lovely ambience and Persian style decorations. The restaurant is a multi-theme dining space and has a unique identity that brings tales from the past and a menu containing delicious cuisines from popular international streets to the traditional kitchens.

Whether you sit indoors or outdoors, this place is an epitome of beauty, luxury, taste and warmth, and defines Qatar with its palatial wonders.

Zekreet Fort

Located in the Zekreet Peninsula, Zekreet Fort is one of the significant places to visit in Qatar, which takes you back to the time when this fort was magnificent. In the first phase of its construction, the fort was built as a square structure. In its second phase, four corners were added to its architecture.

Today, Zekreet Fort is nothing more than a remain from the past that gone through massive transformation at that time. The Zekreet Fort is an attraction where you can witness the old settlement and grasp the art of designing and building.

Al Wajabah Fort

Located in the Al Rayyan, its history is derived from the battle of Al Wajabah when the Ottoman Empire was defeated by the mighty Qatar army. Qatar was then a province of the Ottoman Empire’s Najd Sanjak, and the battle of Al Wajabah was an armed conflict that took place in the year 1893 in Qatar.

Built in 1882, the Al Wajabah Fort is one of the oldest forts in Qatar and is a beautiful place that reflects the landmarks of the nation of Qatar.

Al Legtaifiya Park

Al Legtaifiya Park is a full-fledged  park in Doha suitable for all age groups. The park is nestled in a residential area and is one of the most visited community center in Doha. It has all the basic facilities such as an inclusive trampoline, a swing, and an accessible slide. It is also wheelchair friendly and has restrooms and parking lots available.

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