6 best Arabic perfumes in Qatar for your unique personality

Scent is such a personal preference, and what smells good on one person, might not smell so great on another. This is why finding the perfect perfume can be such a challenge. If you are looking for a new scent and want to try something different, why not try an Arabic perfume?

Arabic perfumes are the best because they are made from natural ingredients and have a unique, exotic scent. Arabic perfumes are also long-lasting, so you can enjoy their fragrance all day long.

The quality of the ingredients used in these perfumes is generally very high and the way in which these perfumes are blended means that they often have a very complex and interesting scent.

Many Arabic perfumes are made using traditional methods which have been passed down through generations. They have a great deal of history and tradition behind them.

Best Arabic Perfumes in Qatar

So now you know that Arabic perfumes are the best to suit your unique personality. Lets find out what are the best Arabic perfumes in Qatar and where to buy them:

Amouage Epic

Arabic perfumes in Qatar - amouage epic

This luxurious perfume is perfect for special occasions. This spicy oriental fragrance is inspired by the eternal legends of the ancient Silk Road from China to Arabia.

  • Top Notes: Cumin, Pink Bay, Cinnamon
  • Heart Notes: Damascene Rose, Geranium, Jasmine, Tea.
  • Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Oud, Frankincense, Guaiac Wood, Orris, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanilla

Price: 370$ (Use code MP37 to get 5% off)


Arabic perfumes in Qatar - manar

The Touch of Oud‘s Manar Eau de Parfum has an oriental blend of leathery and peppery scents that come out at first, combined with extracted oil from Cedarwood that has been mixed with floral notes and hints of the spicy fragrance of Incense. The base notes are musky, sweet-balsamic, and faintly floral.

  • Top notes: Leather, Pepper, Violet Leaf
  • Heart notes: Incense, Raspberry, Cedarwood
  • Base notes: Musk, Grey Amber, Styrax

Price: 100$ for 60 ML (Use code MP37 to get 5% off)

Rhythm of Oudh

Arabic perfumes in Qatar - rythm of oudh

A Spicy top with cardamom, nutmeg and saffron. A Woody Fruity heart with patchouli, cedarwood and osmanthus, and a Leathery Musky base with leather accord and musk. Mesmerizing notes from the world of fragrance, can be used by both Men and Women.

Price: 80$ for 75 ml


Arabic perfumes in Qatar - janan

This perfume is inspired by traditional Arabic culture and is a must-have for any fragrance lover. It is perfectly made with care to avoid staining clothes.

The combination of Wild Grass and Sweet Melon creates a refreshing, sweet smell. Rose and Jasmine add floral notes, while Sweet Apple and Cinnamon provide warmth.

Price: 50$ for 100ML

Al Bahar

Arabic perfumes in Qatar - al bahar

Al Bahar perfume is a great choice for men who want a classic scent. The smoky black bottle contains a warm scent that is long lasting and really wraps around you, making you feel attractive. This perfume will give you pleasure and self-confidence throughout the day.

  • Top Notes: ginger, pink pepper
  • Middle notes: cardamom, cedarwood
  • Base notes: incense, sandalwood, musk

Price: 52$

Silk Oud

best Arabic perfumes in Qatar - silk oud

Silk Oud – Eau de Parfum is a vibrant floral fragrance with a fruity freshness and dry woodiness that creates a mesmerizing effect.

This luxurious perfume combines rare agarwood with rose, neroli, orange blossom, and bergamot to create a harmonious balance of Oriental and Occidental scents. The enveloping, enchanting, and infinitely seductive floral and woody harmony of Silk Oud Eau de Parfum is sure to please.

Silk Oud is also one of the most affordable Arabic perfumes on this list, making it a great option for those on a budget.

  • Top Note: Mandarin, Bergamot, Pineapple, Apple
  • Heart Note: Orange Blossom, Rose Accords
  • Bottom Note: Amber, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk, Oud Accords

Price: 37$ for 60 ML

Where to buy Arabic perfumes in Qatar?

There are many places in Qatar where you can buy Arabic perfumes. You can find these perfumes in specific shops and brands that specialize in selling Arabic fragrances, or in department stores that have a section dedicated to perfumes. You can also buy Arabic perfumes online from websites that sell Arabic fragrances.

Listed below are some shops and places where you can buy Arabic perfumes in Qatar.

  • Ajmal Perfumes
  • The Perfume Factory
  • Al Haramain Perfumes
  • Swiss Arabian Perfumes
  • Al Jazeera Perfumes
  • Rasasi
  • Arabian Oud
  • Asgharali
  • Ahmed Al Maghribi
  • Osmanli Oud
  • Shops in Souq Waqif


The shops listed above have stock of best Arabic perfumes in Qatar and provide so many options to choose from. You are sure to find the one that you will love. Whether you prefer fresh or woody scents, there is an Arabic perfume out there that will be perfect for you.

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